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Stop With the Mom Guilt

It's far too easy to fall into the trap of mom guilt. It's too easy to look at the sink full of dirty dishes and the overflowing laundry basket and the dust forming on the mantel and feel like a total failure.

Why is it so easy to feel like a failure?

As moms, we can be way too hard on ourselves. We feel guilt, we feel anxiety and we feel inadequacy. We feel it all, because we put way too much pressure on ourselves. We feel the pressure of perfection. The pressure of being the perfect mom and the perfect housewife and the perfect everything. Well, guess what? We're not perfect.

We can never be perfect.

But I think there's beauty to be found in the imperfect moments. We must only stop for a second, and we can see the perfection in the imperfections.

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Sure, we haven't showered in a few days, our hair is constantly in a top knot on the center of our heads, the bags under our eyes are unconcealable and we haven't slept a full night in who knows how long, but when we stop to look at our lives, the good will always outweigh the bad.

We have it all, us moms. These little people we get to call our own? They're pretty awesome. For all of the frustration that they bring out in us, there are so many tender moments and so much love coming from behind those eyes that's impossible to ignore.

Let's give ourselves grace. Let's stop trying to measure up to some unattainable level of perfection.

I think if we all stop to really count our blessings, instead of wallowing in our insufficiency, we'll find that they are immeasurable. And we will see that we are enough, and what's more, we are the best mother for our children. And how powerful of a feeling that is.

All we have to do is open our eyes.

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So I'm proposing this to you: let's be easier on ourselves. Let's pledge to roll with the punches, stress less and enjoy life, however it comes. Yes, some days are unbelievably hard, but we live for those moments that make it all worth it. And those moments will come, over and over again. Let's give ourselves grace. Let's stop trying to measure up to some unattainable level of perfection. Sure, we may have messy houses and messier lives, but gosh, they are so worth it.

And maybe our laundry baskets and sinks are full, but so are our hearts.

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Photograph by: Katie Michelle Reyes

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