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23 Things Parents Think Are Way Scarier Than Ghosts and Goblins

Let's be real, there are things we parents face each day that are far more terrifying than ghosts, goblins and the rest of the Halloween crew. So, while this time of year can be rather scary, I'm here to help you put things back into perspective. Here are 23 not-so-spooky-things that are sure to fright long after you've finished raiding your kid's Halloween candy haul post-bedtime.

1. Your kid's math homework

2. Having to make small talk with other parents at a kid's birthday party

3. That moment when you realize that your kids have been quiet for the past 20 to 30 minutes

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4. You notice a fellow classmate with a runny nose at daycare dropoff. Your kid (aka entire family) is coming down with a cold in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

5. That questionable substance stuck on the tip of your toddler's pointer finger

6. The awkward questions your threenager asks during what feels like the longest and most crowded elevator ride of your life

7. Teenagers on social media

8. Trying to get your 3-year-old to stop unlocking the lock on the public bathroom stall so you can pee without an audience

9. The chance that your toddler will fall asleep on the car ride home, thus ruining your dreams of a productive nap time

10. Puberty and hormonal tweens and teens—eeek!

11. Realizing that you said "yes" when you should have said "no" all because you were distracted on the phone. Well played, kids, well played. That's so going to come back to haunt you

12. An incoming email from your kid's daycare or school pops up on your screen. Be still my heart. (Thankfully it's just a reminder about the school's Harvest Festival.)

13. Whatever is lurking in the crevice of your toddler's car seat

14. "Calliou" (couldn't help it, parents across the nation shudder at the mention of his name)

15. You without coffee (probably my top reason for not becoming a coffee drinker)

16. You're stuck in traffic and your newly potty trained little has reeeeeally gotta go.

17. Sandboxes

18. You're last to sign up for the classroom school potluck—looks like you'll be bringing a main dish.

19. You brought the class a treat but missed the memo about allergies. Someone's not getting a cupcake and you feel awful.

20. You waited until the last minute to get the (insert coveted costume) and they're sold out everywhere. Your adrenaline is up as you call store after store and mull over the cost of rush shipping.

21. When you spot something floating in the bathtub. Nope, it's not a toy.

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22. You just realized the "I just had a baby" excuse is no longer legit. She's 3 now and the truth is, you just had a cupcake, not a baby.

23. When the kids finally fall to sleep after what has been the longest day and your spouse gives you "the look." (Just kidding, husband!)

Photograph by: Krishann Briscoe/Instagram

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