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8 Totally Binge-Worthy Shows for New Moms

Photograph by Netflix

So you're a mom now! It's wonderful, isn't it? And a little time-warpy, no? You suddenly have no time at all, and yet you have So. Much. Time. Like, 3 am time in particular. And you're wearing yoga pants a lot. But not many shirts. It's OK. Roll with it. You'll get used to it. Then it'll change. (That's parenthood in a nutshell, by the way.)

In the meantime, embrace your new cozy-up, hunker-down nonstop-nursing mama self. Consider yourself A-listed to Watch-Next-Episode your way through these postpartum-perfect series' (plus one podcast.) Read through our mom-selected recommendations and play all, baby. Can't stop, won't stop. 3 am just got a lot more interesting.

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House of Cards (Netflix): Addictive, well-acted, full of laugh-out-loud but can't-look-away shocking-slash-ridiculous plot twists... and totally unlike anything you're living right now in the newborn vortex. "House of Cards" is pure, unadulterated escapism at its best. Enjoy.

Friday Night Lights (Netflix)= Guilty pleasure high school drama and hot guy crushes? Check. Surprisingly well-written and engaging plot lines? Check. The real reason you'll love this show? Two words: Tammy Taylor, i.e. the ever-badass, believable, brave (and pro-breastfeeding!) central mom character that breaks the TV mom-character mold.

Big Love (HBO/Amazon Prime Instant Video): Think life would be a whole lot easier with a sister wife around the house right about now? Um, yeah. Maybe not so much. But it is a whole lot better with this totally unique and darkly humorous series about polygamy on your TV. You're welcome.

Want to laugh at hipsters without completely letting go of your inner hipster self (yoga pants notwithstanding)?

Parenthood (Netflix): Parenthood in real life is no joke. But this true-to-life sitcom is super funny. It'll remind you that you're not alone (because, let's face it, you're not gonna be alone again for, like, the next 18 years) and that a sense of humor makes all the difference in rocking mom-life like a champ. A sleep-deprived, spit-up-stained, smiling mama champ.

Portlandia (Netflix): Want to laugh at hipsters without completely letting go of your inner hipster self (yoga pants notwithstanding)? Then "Portlandia", Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's postmodern sketch comedy mixup brainchild, is for you.

GIRLS (HBO/Amazon Prime Instant Video): You may or may not have a clear sense of yourself as a mom—don't worry, you are still you and it'll all fall into place—but this show will make you realize how far you've come since you were fresh outta college... and how you wouldn't ever want to be 22 again.

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The Walking Dead (Netflix): Don't watch this unless you're down with some gratuitous gore, but if you are into that kind of thing, prepare for a surprisingly engaging storyline evolution that'll tug at your mama heartstrings a little bit, too. (Not to mention make you seriously glad you didn't give birth during a zombie apocalypse, as one character has to.)

The Longest Shortest Time (Podcast): A self-declared "3:00 am bedside companion," this podcast features episodes on every parenting topic under the sun—from accidental pregnancy, to getting it on with a baby in the house, to helping kids understand death—without rehashing the same old stuff. Also without coming off as dumbed-down, dull, or otherwise generic-vanilla parenting drivel. Nope, this show will make you feel like you're hanging with some besties who also have babies; you'll gain insight and understanding, and, at the same time, you'll feel understood.

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