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Doula Lori Bregman Answers New Moms' Burning Questions

Lori Bregman is the author of "The Mindful Mom-to-Be" and is also the founder of Rooted for Life Pregnancy Coaching Program, which is a support system that helps women through fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

To get a glimpse into the 20+ years of experience Lori has, I asked some of my favorite mom friends to submit questions about labor, delivery and new mommyhood for her to answer—and they didn't disappoint!

Q: For a newbie mama-to-be, how would you explain to her how she could benefit from having a doula?

Lori Bregman: Doctors and some midwives usually come in at the end to deliver the baby, and nurses will come and go from the delivery room doing medical tasks. A doula is a familiar face—you work with them throughout your pregnancy—that is by your side throughout the entire labor supporting, advocating, educating, coaching, and providing emotional and physical support. Doulas also work with you after the birth, nurturing and taking care of the new mommy, so you can better care for your child.

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Q: What's the scariest thing you've ever had go wrong during a birth? How did you handle it?

Lori Bregman: Luckily I haven't had had anything go terribly wrong (knock on wood!) but I have definitely had to navigate changes a lot. I always, when prepping my people, teach them to create a birth intention and work towards their goals, then allow for flexibility, as you can't predict birth. If you cling too tightly and try to control the outcome, your body becomes rigid. When you can allow things to unfold and trust that unfoldment, your body softens and relaxes.

Q: What are some ways to relieve pain naturally during labor?

Lori Bregman: Breath work, massage, movement, hypnotherapy, water, visualization, meditation, acupressure, TENS, hot and cold therapy, and distraction techniques.

Postpartum doulas are awesome! They come for a few hours a day and help take care of the new mommy so she can better care for her baby.

Q: What advice do you have for moms wanting to attempt a VBAC?

Lori Bregman: Find a care provider that supports doing them. Read success stories and watch videos to get inspired by other women that have done it. Do clearing and healing work on your past birth experience or any fear you might have about it. Make sure your birth team is supportive of your wishes to do it—and hire a doula!

Q: How do you feel about birth photography?

Lori Bregman: I personally think it's awesome! It's a miraculous day that you will never have again. I know some really amazing birth photographers I always recommend. Not everyone is comfortable doing it and I totally respect and get it.

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Q: What is the role of a doula post-birth? Do they provide postpartum support?

Lori Bregman: Postpartum doulas are awesome! They come for a few hours a day and help take care of the new mommy so she can better care for her baby. They do errands, light cleaning and cooking, provide emotional support, some help with breastfeeding or help with the baby so mom can nap, eat and shower.

Q: Are there any natural ways to prep before you go into labor like softening the cervix, getting baby engaged, etc.?

Lori Bregman: Yes! Acupuncture, sex, nipple stimulation, walking and stair climbing, bouncing hard on a birth ball and having an orgasm.

Lori Bregman will be speaking at Club MomMe's Fall Family Fest on November 8 at the South Coast Botanic Garden in Los Angeles. Click here to get more information and tickets for Club MomMe's Fall Family Fest.

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