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6 Reasons Your Baby Is Better Dressed Than You

Photograph by Twenty20

Is there a woman alive who doesn't know that depressing feeling of standing in your closet (usually with the clock ticking before you need to dash off to work or to care for a small child) and wondering why on earth you have NOTHING TO WEAR?

If you've never had that experience, I'm terribly jealous.

Somehow, it is very difficult for me to develop a closet that makes me happy and easy to get dressed from. Yet, my small children—who I am also responsible for dressing each morning—look pretty dang cute on a daily basis.

What's the deal? I've come up with six possible reasons they look fab while I struggle to fight the mom frump.

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1. Someone gets them dressed every morning.

Can you imagine if someone came in to your room every morning, picked out an outfit for you and finished it off with a headband and pair of shoes? Of course you'd look good! Not to mention, imagine how perky and alert you'd look if you clocked a cool 12 hours a night!

2. They have no body issues.

They don't care if their diaper is bulging or if they have rubber-band wrists.

As an adult, it's so hard not to think about if these jeans are making your rear-end look big or if that color is flattering on you. With a baby, they just are happy to be alive. They don't care if their diaper is bulging or if they have rubber-band wrists. And they aren't hitching up their sagging pants.

3. Kid clothing is more fun to buy than adult clothing.

I go to buy a pair of jeans, try on five and walk out with nothing because none of them fit me quite right. I go to the kid section and pick up three dresses and they'll all be absolutely darling. I buy about five pieces of kid clothing for every item I buy myself.

4. They get way more hand-me-downs.

Can you imagine if you got a new wardrobe from your neighbor or older sister every six months? (I'm imagining it and it's awesome—and free).

5. Every style looks good on a baby.

While I'd look ridiculous wearing a cocktail dress to preschool drop off or wearing rubber flip flops to a board meeting, babies can wear anything, anywhere, anytime. Trendy little distressed jeans? Darling. Grandma cardigan and bonnet? Darling. Ridiculously frilly and unpractical dress or tiny three piece suit to the post office? Why not?! They can even wear pajamas in public and people will be exclaiming over how precious they are. The truth is, life isn't fair.

6. Tiny is just cuter.

My grandfather likes to say, "Even tiny tarantulas are cuter than big ones." And it's true. You might not look twice at a pair of rain boots, but shrink those rain boots down to a size 3 and suddenly they are the most ridiculously sweet thing you've ever seen. A pea coat is fine on an adult, but a pea coat on a baby is the. cutest. thing. ever. No matter what the item of clothing is, it's going to look better in a baby size than it is in my size.

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But while my baby might look more stylish than I do, at least I can comfort myself with the fact that I don't have to wear a diaper. So maybe that makes things in the wardrobe department at least marginally more fair.

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