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The Upside of Having Sick Kids

Ah, fall. Filled with beautiful changing leaves, cold, crisp days and lots of hot apple cider. It's lovely isn't it? Except for one little thing... fall marks the beginning of cold and flu season and it's a time of year that really sucks when you have kids.

If your kids attend school or any type of group setting on a regular basis, catching some bug or another is basically guaranteed. Cleaning up puke and wiping snotty noses can be gross and sort of miserable for all involved. BUT... after going through a recent week-long sickness spell with my kiddos, I was able to notice the bright side of all of this. There really is an upside to having sick kiddos. Here are a few reasons that having sick kiddos really isn't all bad.

1. Snuggles for days

What sick kids lack in etiquette (i.e. wiping their snot on your pants) they certainly make up for in snuggles. Sick snuggles are better than no snuggles I always say. I'll take those sweet hugs however I can get 'em!

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2. You get a free pass to watch ALL the TV shows.

I definitely try to limit TV in our house for the most part, but I get secretly excited when my kids are sick, because it gives us the green light to just relax on the couch and watch shows, cuddled under cozy blankets, in the name of guilt-free recuperation.

3. A vacation from cooking.

Sick kids are supposed to adhere to the B.R.A.T. (bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast) diet, right? Sign me up for those kind of meals. Sure beats making stir-fry the kids are going to turn their noses up at anyway.

Feeling sick means that things get a lot more calm and quiet, which is kind of a nice reprieve.

4. Early bed times and extra naps

Sick kids are sleepy kids and while it's sad that they aren't feeling good, I'm definitely not going to be shedding tears over the extra quiet time brought on by those extra naps and early bed times.

5. The decreased energy level

It's easy to tell when kids aren't feeling well, because the general mood becomes decidedly more mellow. In general my children do not have inside voices and are constantly bouncing around the house. Feeling sick means that things get a lot more calm and quiet, which is kind of a nice reprieve.

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6. Guilt-free spoiling

For the most part as parents we try not to spoil our children, lest they think that this is what the real world will be like for them one day. That said, all bets are off on sick days. If my daughter wants a popsicle for her sore throat I am happy to oblige and if watching "Frozen" for the third time this week will help her feel a little bit better, well we can do that. These are sweet moments where I get to spoil my little ones with things that will make them feel a little bit better and I'm happy to do it.

7. The perfect excuse to ditch all other responsibilities

If you're anything like me, you often have trouble saying no to a request for a play date or a night out with friends or to volunteer help. While those things are good, sometimes it's nice to just throw the plans out the window and having a little one who's under the weather is the perfect reason to stay home and do nothing else but nurse them back to health. No one can blame you for that.

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Photograph by: Lauren Hartmann

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