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Real Moms Share: My Favorite Baby Stage

Photograph by Twenty20

A baby's life is amazing, and especially in that first year, so much happens and so many incredible changes take place. So I decided to ask some real moms to share their favorite baby stage. Get ready to reminisce and possibly break out the tissues. The sweetness is on overload today.

"I have always really loved about three to six months, when they are still immobile and snuggly but they also are strong and don't feel so fragile. They often giggle so much at that stage too."

"Every stage is its own reward, but I especially love newborn through five months because you can hold your little one all the time without them complaining."

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"Six to nine months. That's when I find them the cutest and seems to be the chubbiest stage. They are easy to carry and cuddle and they can sit up on their own."

"Newborn snuggles, smiles and coos, and the look when they figure something out. Being a mom has brought me the most joy and pride over everything else I have accomplished."

I love how cuddly they are and that sweet heaven-sent smell.

"When they start to smile and coo around two to three months old. Then around five to eight months, starting solids and finding out what foods are their favorite. And watching them learn how to crawl. It is so amazing watching them learn things so quickly in the first year."

"Between the ages of eight months to a year. Everything is so amazing to him and seeing the world through his eyes has been wonderful. He's also really starting to show his loves and hates, he knows and loves his pets. He's able to let me know when he wants water or a bottle. He's definitely starting to get a very strong personality and I love watching it develop."

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"I love the newborn stage where they can't lift their head and they look amazed every time they open their eyes. I love watching them advance into smiles, gain control of their hands, start to snuggle back and explore the world around them."

"Newborn, definitely. I love how cuddly they are and that sweet heaven-sent smell."

"I honestly love every stage until they hit middle school. Then it goes downhill from there for a couple of years."

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