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To My Newborn Daughter on My First Mother's Day

My dearest Story,

My tiny lady. My cheeky queen. This is my first Mother’s Day. You, my love, made me a mother. What a gift!

No one could have prepared me for the magic I now get to experience on a daily basis. Magic: It’s the word I use most often when I describe you and what it’s like to be your mama.

I remember the first moment I laid my eyes on you. You were wide-eyed and curious, just as you are now. When your dad placed you on my chest and I cupped your naked little bum in my hands, you tilted your head back and looked me straight in my eyes. The way you looked at me made me feel like we’ve know each other a thousand lifetimes. No words will ever be able to explain what happened to my heart in that moment.

Fast-forward three months. You belly laughed for the first time last week and the sound ... ugh. Magic. Every little coo, every smile, every yawn, every saliva bubble, every kick, every slow blink. I stare and study your skin for hours. I smell the top of your head and feel glitter down my spine. I take your tiny fingers and brush them across my cheek. You have my attention, my love.

You’re just the most splendid, spellbinding thing.

I can’t wait to fall in love with you over and over and over and over again.

I daydream about all of the journeys we will take you on. I can’t wait to show you the magic our planet has to offer, for you to discover pieces of your soul in trees and flowers and sunrises.

One of my many hopes for you is that your heart and spirit seek out adventure. That you look for moments to immerse yourself in nature, and that you are taken aback by the beauty and mystery of our universe. That you see yourself within it all. That your curiosity keeps you dreaming about all of its possibilities and shapes and colors and worlds.

I can’t wait to fall in love with you over and over and over and over again.

I can’t wait to watch you learn and expand and grow.

I already feel the warmth and kindness in your heart. It’s palpable.

Always look to the stars, my love. They will keep your heart open and your mind alive.

I love you more than love,


Lauren Paul is the co-founder and president of Kind Campaign, the leading nonprofit ending the trend of girl-against-girl bullying. Lauren and her co-founder Molly Thompson are dedicated to bringing awareness and healing to the negative, long lasting effects of bullying. Through their Kind Campaign programming, the nonprofit offers in-school assemblies, educational school curriculums, clubs, online resources and a supportive community for girls and women facing these issues. Since embarking on their first tour in 2009, when they captured the impact of the assemblies in in the documentary Finding Kind, Lauren and Molly have personally attended and curated hundreds of anti-bullying in school assemblies spanning from across the US to internationally, continuously expanding their movement to spread kindness to girls across the globe.

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