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Why March Should Be National Abstinence Month

Photograph by Twenty20

March is such a magical month. It brings with it the start of spring. The world starts to thaw, blossoms return, and all is ripe for for romance. However, I implore you to avoid making love in the month of March and into early April. It's really what's best for everyone, because when you make love in March you make a December baby. Take it from me, I live with this mistake every holiday season.

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You'd think I would have known better, my grandmother made this mistake, twice! My mom and my uncle have birthdays in mid-December. My mother-in-law slipped up as well, which means my husband has a late December birthday. And yet, I failed to do the math.

I'll never forget when I got that positive pregnancy test and typed in my numbers into the due date calculator. A big blaring December 25th was staring back at me. My poor baby was going to have to share his birthday with Jesus. And I was going to have to add another celebration and more presents to an already jam packed month. I managed to keep him in two extra days, so he has his own day, but I sure felt silly when I saw that due date prediction.

Babies are a blessing at any time and trying to make them is super fun but—if you've got a choice—please consider taking a break in March.

I know plenty of people with December birthdays or December babies so I decided it's high time for an awareness campaign. I hearby declare March National Abstinence Month. Babies are a blessing at any time and trying to make them is super fun but—if you've got a choice—please consider taking a break in March. This will save you from trying to throw a birthday party in the middle of ugly sweater, Secret Santa, cookie swap and general holiday hustle and bustle. It will save your child from getting Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday gifts. And it will spread fun and good cheer to more parts of the calendar.

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I hope it goes without saying that I wouldn't trade my little Christmas baby for the world. He is amazing and worth celebrating even if his birthday is a little less convenient than one celebrated any other month. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that his birthday is due to poor planning on my part. People do get pregnant on the first try, or by accident, so do yourself and your future kids a favor and observe Abstinence Month this March.

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