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10 Things I Took for Granted Before Having Kids

Photograph by Twenty20

Ah, life before kids. It was carefree and much less stressful and oh-so-easy. And I just had no idea how good I had it. So today I thought I'd share a few things that I totally took for granted before having kids. And, oh, if I could only go back for a day and really live it up, I so would.

1. Personal Space. There is no such thing once you have children. They are all up in your grill, at all times, and there is no stopping it. You just kind of learn that personal space exists no more.

2. Sleep. Those crazy late nights followed by days of sleeping in are history. Now, you are at the whim of the baby. If Baby is hungry, you must wake up and feed her. If Baby had a nightmare, you go in and soothe her. Your sleep takes the back burner to the varying moods of your baby. And this is why coffee is your new best friend.

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3. Hygiene. Simply taking a shower each night now seems like the greatest accomplishment you could achieve—and also one that you don't always get to . Because some days, ain't nobody got time for that. It's okay, this is why dry shampoo and perfume were invented, right?

4. Peeing in peace. Now, if you even try to close the bathroom door to pee in privacy, all hell breaks loose and the wails come at you full force. Yeah, just accept it. You now have an audience any time you need to use the little girl's room.

5. "Me Time." Ha! What's that?

Now, if you even try to close the bathroom door to pee in privacy, all hell breaks loose and the wails come at you full force.

6. Bank account. We all know it to be true: kids are expensive. This means more money spent on formula and diapers and less money to go towards those cute shoes you had your eye on.

7. Clean clothes. Snot, food, spit up, fecal matter—you are bound to find it all on your clothes at one point or another in parenthood. It's really glamorous, guys.

8. A tidy house. There really is no way to explain to a baby that their toys cannot be all over the house. And it seems the moment you have everything put away, the mini tornado strikes again.

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9. Going to dinner. Period. Now, dinner is on Baby's schedule, meaning you eat with the earlybird diners and are at home before bedtime. Otherwise, you have a disaster on your hands.

10. Making plans, spur of the moment. These days, everything must revolve around naptime. That's just the way it goes.

But for all of the things you have to give up, you gain so much more. Sure, parenthood means less sleep, less hygiene and less time for yourself, but it also means more joy, more precious moments and more of what truly matters in life.

And I'll take that over the other option any day.

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