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Real Moms Share: Kids Meeting Their Sibling for the First Time

Photograph by Darby/Twenty20

When kids meet their younger sibling for the first time, it could go many different ways. We asked real moms to share these first meetings, and all of the sweetness and hilarity that ensued.

I think one thing we can all agree on is that it's adorable no matter what happens, and is sure to be a memorable experience, whether or not it goes as smoothly as one might hope.

"I had this adorable meeting pictured in my head of my 20-month-old being so excited and sweet with the new baby, and then he walked in, took one look at her, and just lost it. Like, full on tantrum. Something tells me he didn't like Mommy holding another baby!" – Kate N.

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"My toddler was so excited to meet his baby sister! The day she was born, he walked into the room and climbed up onto the hospital bed and looked down at his sister. He gently touched her head and said, 'Hi baby Evelyn, I'm Walter, your big brother. I'm going to love you forever.' He gave Mommy and Daddy hugs and then we gave him his gift from Evelyn to her big brother. It was her welcome gift to him and it definitely helped 'bribe' him into allowing his sister home." – Juliana M.

"My toddler threw herself dramatically into the baby's lap and cried." – Libier R.

"My daughter loved her little brother. I gave her a big sister bag when we went to the hospital, to make her feel special as well. However, she was pretty rough with him. I always had to remind her to be gentle with the baby. You know, not to gouge his eyes out or anything." – Ashley R.

When they finally did meet, it was honestly very non-eventful. My son looked at his new brother for a few seconds and quickly lost interest, wanting instead to explore the hospital room.

"My older son was apprehensive but so curious! He just wanted to get up to look and point and he kept saying 'bebe.' Even now he loves to kiss and hug his little brother all the time. He was never jealous or angry!" – Carrie F.

"When my daughter was born, both of my sons held her. They both loved her, but being so tight as brothers, they were not over the moon about her. James (four at the time) was pretty quiet and more interested in the candy my husband bought him at the hospital. Makes sense." – Cara O.

"Makenna loved Mason in my belly. When she met him at the hospital she wasn't so sure. Daddy was holding him and I held her right away. I think she was too distracted by me being in a hospital bed. Mason got her a big sister gift that she loved. Then she 'held' him and stared at him the whole time she was there. Once we got home she didn't really care too much for him. She is just now starting to play with him more, almost a year later!" – Tiffany F.

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"I was really nervous when I was pregnant that they wouldn't get along. Every night I'd talk to my son about his new baby sister that would be coming soon and what a good big brother he would be. When we brought her home, he was so excited to finally meet her! He told her he was her big brother and demanded to hold her. Six months later, he always gives her hugs and kisses." – Kimberly B.

"I thought so much about the first time my firstborn would meet his sibling that I think I built it up way too much in my head. When they finally did meet, it was honestly very non-eventful. My son looked at his new brother for a few seconds and quickly lost interest, wanting instead to explore the hospital room. Oh well." – Molly G.

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