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5 New Year’s Resolutions I Wish My Baby Would Make

Photograph by Twenty20

It's that time of year when everyone is making resolutions about bad habits they are going to break, weight they are going to lose, and books they are going to read.

Like most people, I'm setting my own goals, but as I write down what I want to accomplish in 2016, I find myself wishing my baby girl would make some resolutions of her own.

If I could steer her along, here's what I'd nudge her to resolve:

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1. Never lose those chubby cheeks

And the rubberband wrists. And the elbow and knuckle dimples. Don't even think about slimming down. Keep up with your diet of mostly milk, and let me keep squeezing your squishy little thighs.

2. Get more sleep

When an adult makes this goal, usually it's to try and edge closer to 7 or 8 hours of sleep. For my baby, more sleep looks like 12 solid hours at night, plus two 2-hour naps during the day. OK that's a lot of sleep (but mama would love every second of it).

3. Give up the pacifier

Considering my first two children, I know this is a total pipe dream. My children will keep a pacifier as long as I let them, which is about three years. But I can wish for a child who would just give it up of her own accord without disrupting anyone's sleep.

4. Strengthen relationships

Specifically with me, your mom who loves you. And preferably strengthen that bond by more snuggling. I can't ever get enough.

5. Learn better table manners

It would be lovely to not have to give you a sponge bath after every meal. Is that so much to ask? Also, if you'd like to just tell me when you're done instead of demonstrating it by throwing all your food on the floor, it would be greatly appreciated (especially by your dad, who is generally the one to clean up 50 tiny bits of banana after dinner).

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But frankly, we think you're pretty much perfect as you are. No need for 2016 to be a year where you make any radical changes.

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