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22 Things Every Mom Needs No Matter How Old Her Kids Are

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There are certain things we mamas need, or at the very least should have, no matter what season of life we are in. They're things that take us from pregnancy and into the teen years, things that I imagine we'll still need when the nest is empty and beyond.

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1. Me-time

So many of us struggle to make me-time a priority, but when we do we aren't the only ones to benefit.

2. A go-to recipe

We have that one recipe we can count on, the one we execute with ease and always taste delicious.

3. A go-to ready-made item

It's the item you can always pick up at the last minute and is just right for times when you forget about the potluck or just don't want to cook.

4. Confidence

So many of us struggle with confidence, but goodness, it's a game-changer.

5. A pick up where you left off best friend

Each time you talk it as if you've never missed a beat.

This friend feels like home. No matter how much time passes and how much you both change, your connection is constant. Each time you talk it as if you've never missed a beat.

6. A dress fit for every occasion

This dress can take you from corporate meetings to holiday parties all with the addition of a classic cardigan or something sparkly.

7. Emergency contact

They are on your kid's emergency lists. It's the person (besides your parent or significant other) you call during those real life emergencies like when your little black dress is a little too little and you're going to a party tonight or you can't decide whether or not you should get the brown boots, the black boots or both since they're on sale.

8. Living trust

We hope and pray for the best but that doesn't mean we don't plan.

9. That one pair of jeans

I'm still searching but I love a pair of jeans that looks as great with flats and a tee as they do with heels and a blouse. Play date and date night approved.

10. Passion

That thing that fuels and fulfills us aside from motherhood.

11. Sunscreen

12. Great underwear

When is the last time you purchased a new bra or underwear?

13. Sleep

14. Great shoes

Achy feet can put a damper on any outing.

15. A place that always feels like home

For me it's my husband, but there are also special places that can elicit feelings of home.

16. Faith

Our faith is what helps us to keep going even when we feel like we can't take another step. We trust and believe and find comfort even when we struggle to make sense of things.

17. Good memories

They give us something to hold on to and keep striving for.

They are what reminds us that the hard times aren't forever. They give us something to hold on to and keep striving for. So make as many as you can and cherish them, and above all cherish your people.

18. A vision

We should have something to work toward and strive for. Ladies, our dreams are within reach.

19. Love

Self-love and the love of others. We aren't meant to do this life thing alone and the journey is so much sweeter when we're on it alongside people we love.

20. A retirement account

The future will be here before you know it.

21. Savings

Rainy days are inevitable so it's important to do your best to be ready for them.

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22. A reason

Reflect on why you do what you do, why you won't stop or quit. Over the years it may change and evolve. In those moments when you feel like quitting, often thinking of your reason will help you to hang on.

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