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10 New Year's Resolutions for New Moms

Photograph by Twenty20

When you become a mom, your whole life changes. Priorities, free time, activities and things that were simple before become quite different. This includes your new year's resolutions. Sure, you could make a bunch of resolutions that you'll never actually follow through with, or you could stick with these much more doable ones.

1. Get at least four hours of sleep a night. Now this may seem like a long shot, but you can do it, mama! I mean, granted, if your little angel allows it.

2. Limit the wine consumption to one bottle a night. I know this may seem tough, but it's better for everyone involved.

3. Try to take fewer than 100 photos of your child per day. This will prevent your phone from running out of memory in a week! But it won't be easy, I know.

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4. Get out of the door at least once a week. That's not too much to ask, right? I know it's hard to get yourself ready and also dress and feed the baby and get out of the house in time for that play date, but I believe in you! Just once a week—you can do it! The rest of the days will likely be spent in pajamas and drowning in coffee. And that's OK.

5. Do fewer than 10 loads of laundry a week. I know it's difficult with daily spit-ups, blow-outs and the like, but do your best!

Treat yourself to a shower, and maybe even a shampoo!

6. Limit your usage of the word "No!" This may take some getting used to, but it will also force you to be creative! Maybe invest in a thesaurus?

7. Get in some exercise each day. Running after your child and bending over to pick up all of their toys totally counts as cardio.

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8. Let your coffee get cool enough before guzzling the whole cup. Avoid a burnt tongue as much as possible this year.

9. Stick within some sort of reasonable budget when it comes to baby clothes. You will want to buy all of the things, but they will grow out of them so fast. So yes, it's all cute, but no,you don't need it. Not all of it, anyway.

10. Don't forget about yourself. Treat yourself to a shower, and maybe even a shampoo! And the delicacy of perhaps one hot meal a week. Oh, what a treat!

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