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Real Moms Share Their Anxieties About Having Baby #2

Having another baby is a roller coaster of emotions. The instant those two lines appear, your whole world changes once again, and you suddenly start to feel the anxiety and fears of your first pregnancy all over again. But this time it feels even stronger, because you have another little one to think about, as well.

I asked real moms to share their experiences and fears about having a second baby, and found out that we are not alone in our feelings. Everyone is scared to have another baby, but everyone is also very capable of loving the second just as much as the first.

"I remember being so torn when my second was on the horizon. I felt like I was betraying my oldest somehow. The moment my second was born, all of those thoughts disappeared. Cherish the memories, you're going to love having your baby in your arms and you will fall in love with your first all over again." – Leah F.

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"My second is due any day now, and I am so nervous that my first will feel unloved or ignored or jealous. I'm not sure how I have the capacity to love another little one with as much passion and depth as I love my first, but I've heard from everyone that I do. I am so excite, and so nervous!" – Katie R.

"The moment I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I became so much more intentional with spending time with my first. I am due any day now, and trying to enjoy every moment with him now, before we add another into the mix!" – Katie D.

Expanding your family is so scary, but also so very amazing...

"The first weeks with your newborn at home will likely be filled with guilt (and of course adoration), worrying about how much love you give each child, but it evens out and feels normal and right very quickly." – Laura L.

"I have felt so completely torn throughout this pregnancy over being so overwhelmingly happy to be welcoming a new member while simultaneously trying to make sure our daughter understands how important she is and always will be. She is my sweet baby and will always hold a special place in my heart." – Shannon K.

"I just had my second over a month ago, and not knowing how my attention would be divided weighted heavy on my heart. But my first loves her new little brother and loves to help take care of him. Capturing all their little bonding moments has been the best." – Kate L.

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"I didn't think I could love another child as much as my first, but I do, and I have a third and those fears came back when I was pregnant with him also. But here I am, completely in love with my three boys." – Kayla A.

"Expanding your family is so scary, but also so very amazing. You'll be less anxious the second time around and will be able to really appreciate the newborn stage. But you will also still make time for your firstborn. Now you just have another person to play with, include and love!" – Cheryl L.

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Photograph by: Katie Michelle Reyes

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