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Insertable Speaker Lets You Serenade Your Unborn Baby

So you're pregnant and naturally the next thing you want to do is outfit your vagina with a speaker system so you can stimulate your developing baby's mind with music. Wait, WHAT?! That may sound crazy, but there's now a device that lets you do just that.

It's like an insertable tampon-esque speaker for your hooha that conveniently connects to your smartphone and even comes with auxiliary headphones so that you and your baby can jam to the same beat.

Stimulating unborn babies with music is nothing new. Pregnant women have been pressing headphones to their abdomens probably since headphones were invented in an effort to give their children a head start at the clubs (just kidding). Stimulating babies with music is beneficial for their brain development.

Until recently, it was believed that a fetus could not hear until about 26 weeks, but according to a study by the Institut Marqués in Barcelona, where the Babypod was tested, an unborn child develops hearing around 16 weeks… cue the music. The only problem is that if you play your baby music from the outside of your body, then the sound is going to be muffled, whereas if you stick a speaker in your lady stuff, the sound will be much clearer.

Here's a video of a baby reacting to music broadcast via Babypod.

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See how the baby is moving its mouth and sticking its tongue out? That's how babies learn to vocalize, and this baby does seem to be reacting to the music.

This is all very fascinating stuff, but let's get down to what all moms — who like music and are willing to stick a speaker up their unmentionables for the fruit of their loins — want to know: what kind of music is going to be available for these vaginal concerts?

The device is meant to be used in conjunction with the Babypod app (currently only available for Android, but coming for iOS soon) that gives you the opportunity to record messages to your baby and download songs that according to research "better stimulate your baby." Seems like a fancy way of saying that your womb will be reverberating to the sounds of Mozart to me.

What about culturally relevant music for Latina moms such as myself? Will we have the option of inviting Vicente Fernandez, Juan Gabriel, Pitbull or Shakira into our most private parts? Because if it's just gonna be a whole bunch of Mozart, I'm not sure it's worth it.

Would you consider using the Babypod and if so, what would your ideal playlist have on it?

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