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Blogger's Post About Sex After Kids Totally Nails It

When blogger Constance Hall, who shares about her life on The Not-So-Secret Life of Us, decided to post a little snippet about what post-kids sex is really like, she had no idea just how many people it would resonate with. Over 106,000, in fact.

That's right. Over 106,000 moms nodding in agreement and sharing this post with fellow mom friends and husbands and partners saying, "Look, this is totally normal."

The mom of four starts her post off by defining "parent sex" as something that happens in the "3.5 minutes you get in between changing nappies and making food." And the rest? Well, read the rest for yourself:

And the comments to her post were resounding.

One fan writes, "A window into the lives of millions of marriages with young children," while a fellow parent shares another glamorous part of parent sex: "Not to mention finding baby food or a spaghetti hoop on your boob when you take your bra off ... Always a winner!"

And a word of advice that seems to be offered from multiple readers? "You should introduce Vaseline into your sex life. You smear it on the door knob, so the kids can't get in."

Who knew?

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