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12 Things I Hated as a Kid But Love Now That I'm a Mom

Photograph by Twenty20

As a child there are several things that I wholeheartedly believed were the worst ever. They were a threat to my right to a fun and exciting childhood—a childhood that was free of structure and where food items from the tip top of the food pyramid were plentiful.

Now as a parent I can't help but laugh when I hear my own children groaning at the same things I once grumbled over. Perhaps even funnier is the fact that many of the things I disliked as a child became things I actually liked in adulthood (with the exception of one I was rather into come the teen years, sorry mom). And I can't help but think that this will likely be the case for them, too. The day will come when they'd give anything to take a nap, just wait.

Here are 12 things I totally did a 180 with now that I'm a mom.

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1. "It's time to go home"

As a kid, fewer phrases were more painful to hear than "time to go home." This meant the party/play date/my life was over. While being granted "just five more minutes" often softened the blow, it sucked to have to go home before being ready. But now? I can't wait to get back home and into my pajamas.

2. The opposite sex

I went through the stage where I thought all boys were gross and I vowed to never like them. Fortunately for my husband I came around long before we met.

3. Dresses

Frilly dresses, bows and lace socks plagued my childhood. Nowadays I love dresses and get excited when a rare chance to get dressed up presents itself.

4. Shopping

In my elementary years you would often find me sitting in one of the waiting chairs at many stores. My mom and grandma loved shopping and I hated that many Saturdays were spent at the mall. But now that I'm older I enjoy a little retail therapy here and there, especially online.

5. Naps and bedtime

Sleep was for suckers. Or something like that. I got plenty as far as I was concerned. No need to make nap time a requirement. Bedtime was also typically a bust. Now in my 30s I wish naps were mandatory, and come bedtime I find myself breathing a huge sigh of relief.

6. Vegetables (most of them anyway)

With the exception of salads (Sizzler salad bar for the win) I hated vegetables. They were just gross. Nowadays a meal doesn't feel complete unless there are vegetables.

7. Showers

Back in the day bath time was where it was at. There were bubbles, toys and a chance to try and boycott bedtime. While many of my peers speak to the beauty of a relaxing bubble bath, I'd much rather unwind with a nice warm shower.

8. Cursive

Learning to write in cursive felt so tedious in third grade. Nowadays it sort of feels like a lost art. I don't use it as much myself and wish I did. More than that, I hate that my daughter didn't learn it in school. What's a signature with no ability to write in cursive?

9. Math

Nope, still hate it but I see its purpose now.

10. Being embarrassed by my parents

During my tween and teen years my parents got really good at embarrassing me. These days I'm just so thankful to have my parents around that I could care less what they wear, drive or say (even if it's a less than becoming story about me from back in the day). And with two kids of my own now, I totally get their inclination to share.

11. Ride in the backseat

I love riding in the backseat with my kiddos but the Mr. would much rather I sit upfront by him. As a little girl I couldn't wait to ride in the front seat like all of the other cool kids. I could change the radio with a quick turn and make my younger brother jealous at the same time.

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12. Downtime

In my younger days the idea of not doing something was unfathomable. Each day was supposed to be filled with fun and excitement. I loved to be playing and socializing. I had to be doing something so as not to fall victim to dreaded boredom because being bored was the absolute worst. Don't get me wrong, as a grownup there are times when I get a little antsy and want to be on the move (this is most often after a bout of sickness has ran its course through our home and all of us are anxious to get out of the house)—but for the most part, I welcome downtime. Slow mornings are my favorite and I'm pretty much a homebody, which I'm totally OK with.

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