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Real Moms Share: What Are You Secretly Judgy About?

Photograph by Twenty20

We are all sanctimommies sometimes. The question is, do you do it privately or do you sanctimommy publicly? If you keep your parenting judgment to yourself or to a few trusted friends over a glass of wine, you are a normal parent—especially if you can admit that it's more than likely you are the target of judgment. However, take your judgment to Facebook or a blog post and talk about how very sad it makes you when a child doesn't eat homemade food or is placed in daycare, and congratulations, you are the the kind of sanctimommy that entire books and websites have been created to mock.

For the rest of us, well, we keep our sanctimommying under wraps—until now. Here are the things real parents admitted they freak out about (as long as they could do so anonymously).

"I'm a total sanctimommy about people who front face their kids' car seats too early, or have incorrect seat belt placement. A relative of mine front-faced her baby at like nine months and put the chest plate part of the seat belt on her baby's stomach and it was too much for me to bear." — Alissa W., mom of three

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"Totally sanctimommy when I see a mom handing her extremely overweight kids massive bags of potato chips or other types of junk food." — Jordan R., mom of two

"I am sanctimommyish about home birthers because I believe both are exceptionally unsafe and are generally only done by entitled women who think they know better than the medical profession. Also about women who nurse past the age of two because I think this is more about mom not being able to let go than what is actually best for the child (and I am saying this as someone who nursed both her children and hated giving it up.)" — Kate C., mom of two

"I'm pretty hostile about people who bring children of inappropriate age to nice restaurants. It's one thing to bring a sleeping infant to a quiet dinner spot. But a whining toddler? Or those people who actually let their children RUN around the restaurant. Eff that." — Rebekah R., mom of one

"Sexist onesies." — Lyz L., mom of two

My secret inner sanctimommy disapproves of people who have DVD players in their cars and turn them on for every trip, even if it's just 10 minutes.

"Parents who do their kids' homework. I legitimately start believing that they are raising wimpy little layabouts who will never learn resilience or responsibility or develop a work ethic, and I'm going to end up having to fire them someday for being a shitty employee, if they even get in the door." — Erin S., mom of one

"I freak out when I see people let their babies and small children play with phones/iPads that are clearly connected to the Internet. I am positive that 40 years from now, an entire generation is going to have all sorts of new types of brain cancers because these kids were exposed to so much electromagnetic radiation at close range since birth and while their skulls are thin and still forming. It takes everything in me not to comment on pictures of babies with phones on Facebook or say something to people I see walking down the street." — Erika O., mom of two

"I have zero patience for anyone who doesn't vaccinate their kids. They don't cause autism. They do prevent your kids from getting horrible diseases or dying. It's utterly irresponsible not to vaccinate your children." — Stephanie K., mom of one

"People who are anti-'cry it out,' even in its most gradual forms, drive me nuts. Everyone in the family is happier and healthier with sleep! Also, if your kid doesn't go to bed till 11, we aren't sharing a vacation house." — Melissa W., mom of two

"Juice in bottles." — Nicole C., mom of two

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"My secret inner sanctimommy disapproves of people who have DVD players in their cars and turn them on for every trip, even if it's just 10 minutes. I am definitely not opposed to screentime, and we bust out the Kindle on long drives as needed, but I know people who just have it on all the time. I don't know why, but that really bugs me." — Amy V., mom of one

"Crowdsourcing EVERYTHING: 'ISO healthy snack ideas!' As if they couldn't come up with raisins and carrot sticks on their own. Also, you don't need to be the only person that puts your child to sleep. That's your hang-up, not theirs." — Robin S., mom of two

"For the most part, I try not to judge what other people feed their kids, but seeing a child drink soda gets me irrationally upset." — Jen S., mom of two

"Parents who threaten their kids and then don't follow through, and then wonder why their kids don't listen to them." — Kate Z., mom of two

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