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9 Moms Share Their Husband's Biggest Dad Fails

I know we're all doing the very best we can in raising our spawn. But sometimes the going gets tough and the tough make mistakes. It's not uncommon for the primary caregiver to have ample opportunities to screw up as that is simply the law of averages. The more time you spend with your child the more chances you have to say, "Oops! I'm so sorry!"

For example, whenever I let my son jump in his jumper (pictured below), he's having the best time. Then I take him out and he has poop all the way up his back. Whoopsie daisy!

As much as we love our partners, sometimes they too, drop the ball (but hopefully not the baby)!

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When my son was about 3 months old and I had been filing his nails, I couldn't work up the nerve to cut them, but one afternoon I decided to try. I managed to cut a few of them before I had to run an errand that I had been planning for several days. Three traffic lights away from home, my phone rang. It was my distraught husband, "You have to come home right now! I cut the baby's finger. I was trying to cut his nails and I cut his finger! It won't stop bleeding!" My first thought and words were, "What the f*#& are you doing cutting his nails when I'm not there?"

I went home to find my husband holding the baby on the couch saying he couldn't move, he couldn't put him down, and there was just too much blood (there was not that much blood). We called our pediatrician's nurse line and they assured us that most parents have this unhappy accident and that Baby would be fine. Four months later I thought it might be funny to hear some stories from my friends about accidents and incidents when dad was in charge. So I asked and they didn't disappoint!

"The house is never the way you left it when dad is in charge, it becomes a sh** hole. Look at him! His outfit, that hair. The stolen frosting. Clearly he's with Dad." — Renee V., mother of three

"Technically we were both there for the incident, but my husband was "on duty." It was the 4th of July and our son was handed a sparkler and got curious. Luckily, it did not leave a scar." — Karen B., mother of two

"My girl has so many outfits, and yet all he can do is put pants on over her pajamas." — Jean N., mother of one

"Our 7-month-old had a leaky diaper incident last night. I asked my husband if he changed the sheets and he said, 'No I just moved him to a dry spot.'" — Kaimee M., mother of two

"My husband thought it would be awesome to play flag football when I was 9 months pregnant. He broke his leg and couldn't do anything when our daughter was born. I don't think I've ever hated a person more in my life." — Danielle S., mother of three

"When dad is in charge of hair this is what you get! I know she's perfect as is but she has a whole drawer of barrettes and hair ties. He can't use one?" — Tamia S., mother of one

"For the 4th of July I left an adorable outfit for my son to wear while I was gone. I instructed my husband to please take a photo of him wearing it and send to me so I didn't feel like I was missing out. The top was a cute—red, white and blue plaid—and I had picked out some khaki shorts to go with it. Instead of putting the khaki shorts with it, my husband thought it would look great to put on some pink, orange, and green plaid shorts, AWFUL!" — Sarah H., mother of two

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"I couldn't figure out why she was so fussy and so gassy. Then I looked at the formula. She needs the sensitive tummy mix, HE BOUGHT THE WRONG ONE! I wanted to kill him." Angela W. mother of one

Oh dads! You're still the best and you make us laugh (eventually). Of course we all make mistakes, some are just more hilarious than others.

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