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10 Moms Share the Hardest Part of Early Motherhood

Photograph by Twenty20

Motherhood is hard, there is no denying that. The sleepless nights, endless days and the stress that comes with being completely responsible for another person's life can be overwhelming. This endeavor is a big one—and probably the most important thing you will do in your life.

Motherhood isn't for the faint of heart, but know that we are not alone in this journey. Here are the biggest challenges of early motherhood.

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"The biggest challenge so far has just been learning to balance my time between the girls. I thought having a newborn would be the most work, but the first month I actually faced a lot more with my toddler, mostly struggles at naptime and bedtime when she didn't want me to leave. She's never been one to act out or ever throw tantrums so it was a whole new ballgame to me. Once I fell into a nice, more predictable routine with my baby (around 5 weeks), I was able to dedicate more purposeful time to the toddler each day (not just random moments) and noticed a huge change in her behavior. She's much happier and I am too!" – Megan B.

"Producing enough breastmilk has been by far the hardest part." – Shareen P.

"I've got two boys almost 2.5 years old and 7 months. Our biggest struggle is being gentle! He wants to play with his brother so much and it usually leaves the little one in tears. Thankfully it's gotten much better but we still have our moments, especially if I'm not giving him enough one-on-one attention! It's always going to be something though, right? Parenting is sanctifying, to say the least. I'm so thankful for His grace!" – Maddy V.

"The hardest part for me was/is learning that you love your baby so much it hurts. My heart could explode with love! And sometimes it's really hard to love a human this much. But it's so worth it." – Lindsay L.

"Sleep deprivation and trying to learn how to breastfeed have been really hard for me. I'm so happy I've stuck with it though. My little one is 1 month old. I'm finally getting more sleep and getting the hang of breastfeeding, but this past month has been tough!" – Brooklyn O.

"I struggle with going out and doing things with my 1-month-old. I try to go out to eat or for walks, but I feel tied down to the time between nursing him. I'm scared to nurse outside of the house because I don't know how and don't feel confident with positioning without a pillow. I want to be able to go out and do things with him without the anxiety and anticipation of him getting hungry." – Teal V.

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"Nursing my second ALL the time has been hard for me. My boy has been doing really well since he's pretty independent but man I miss him!" – Sarah G.

"Mom to two (newest is 6 days old) and the hardest thing is watching my 22-month-old struggle with losing all the attention. My super well-behaved girl has been being naughty, and it always happens when we have to take care of the new baby." – Melanie V.

"The hardest part has been adding in pumping to my baby's whole wake-change-feed schedule. It's hardest at night when the pumping adds on an extra 30 to 45 minutes of being up, and I feel like by the time I finish feeding my baby and pump I'm left with very little time for sleep." – Jean H.

"The biggest struggle for me has been not worrying about her weight gain. We had issues with weight gain for the first six weeks and I was having to supplement. We have finally gotten over the supplement, but now I have to fight the worrying side of me and know that she is gaining and thriving." – Amy T.

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