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17 Times You Thought About Quitting Motherhood

Photograph by Twenty20

Even your best gig has its downsides; for me that gig is motherhood. It's funny to think that my dream job presents me with moments that have me convinced I'm just not cut out for this.

There are times when I am sure these sweet children of mine are trying to break me, when the phrase "They're just being kids" is not enough to soothe my weary soul. These are the days when going in to work sounds rather appealing, a solo Target trip would be a dream come true and texts to my husband asking what time he will be home (when I already know) are necessary.

In the end it's always love and pixie dust again. But before that, there's the brief moment when I am convinced I just can't mom today. Here are 17 times that might have you contemplating giving notice.

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1. That time you realized your 3-year-old knows where you hid the sharpies

2. That time you had to fish poop out of the bathtub—or worse, clean it from the wall (please, don't ask)

3. That time you were so sick but remembered this gig doesn't offer sick time

4. When the toddler pees on the carpet

5. That time you forgot the diaper bag at home, and you only remembered because of a diaper blowout

Dropping the ball is a sure way to falsely convince yourself you aren't cut out for this gig.

6. When your kid has the audacity to say "you're mean" and declare that they aren't going to talk to you anymore (on second thought, maybe the whole not talking thing isn't so bad)

7. When tonight's dinner became a casualty of your failed attempt at multitasking, and the last thing you want to do is get out of your pajamas (no judgment here) and load up kids in the car to grab takeout

8. When it's 2 a.m. and all you want to do is sleep and you're convinced you've never been more tired than you are at this moment. But your toddler is up. Again. And she's crying all the tears and you can't figure out why; you're pretty sure she doesn't know why she's crying either.

9. When you had no choice but to squeeze inside a Porta-Potty with your potty-training toddler

10. Or that time your sweet child opened the public restroom door while you were peeing—nothing like peeing with an audience

11. That day you realized that PDA has taken on a whole new meaning post-motherhood. It now means public display of affliction. You ruined your kid's life by telling them no and they lost it. And of course everyone was staring because, how could you? True story: Denying my kid rubber dish-washing gloves practically destroyed her. No promise of an unhealthy snack could undo the damage done in that moment.

12. That one morning you got to school and realized that you forgot it was pajama day or forgot lunch or something for the class potluck. Dropping the ball is a sure way to falsely convince yourself you aren't cut out for this gig.

13. That time you found yourself covered in bodily fluids that were not your own (Or maybe they were yours. Note to self: Next time pass on the offer to jump rope.)

14. That time you stepped on a Lego

15. That time your kid called you out for saying or doing something you taught them wasn't OK. Humbling isn't it?

16. That time you couldn't get that fancy new stroller to close and considered leaving the darn thing in the parking lot

17. That time you realized it is your job to help your kid with their math homework or school project

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As mothers our days are filled with small yet trying moments that can put a damper on things, especially if we are already feeling stretched thin. But, like the good ones, these moments are fleeting and passing, and thankfully the perks of this gig outweigh its challenges.

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