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6 Things About My Life My Husband Will Never Understand

Listen, I know I'm as guilty as the next woman at husband/partner bashing.

One time my mom even called me out on it and I got some serious finger wagging over the phone for complaining about my husband on my blog. And yes, I felt thoroughly ashamed about it, and yes, I stopped doing it, because if your mom is your only blog reader, you listen when she starts complaining.

But after some deep soul-searching, I realized that a lot of the complaints that we make as women and mothers and wives stem from one simple fact: Sometimes, the men in our life simply can't understand a lot about our everyday lives. It may be through no fault of his own, but the truth is there are a few things that my husband will never understand. For example:

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1. The struggle of trying to shut my mind off from running over my to-do list 8,857 times so I can go to sleep

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2. The pressure of knowing that your boobs are the only thing that will make your screaming baby happy

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3. Having a running clock that counts down every two hours until you have to feed the baby again. Need groceries? And go!

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4. Feeling like you have to multi-task all the time because women are "better" at it

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5. Fighting the battle 24/7 between "just live life and eat the cupcake" and "I'd like to fit into my pants again"

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6. Purposefully going early to the dentist, OB/GYN's, or doctor's office to read magazines for 10 minutes as "me" time

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