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16 Talc-Free Alternatives to Baby Powder

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There has long been controversy on whether or not you should use baby powder on your babe's behind. The American Academy of Pediatrics have warned that the teeny tiny particles can get trapped in an infant's small lungs and parents should be very careful with its use. Just last week, a lawsuit discovered that talc is linked to cancer. Pretty scary stuff! The court awarded $72 million to the plaintiff in the lawsuit, making this the first case in history against Johnson & Johnson baby powder. Considering that talc is banned in the European Union and has limited commercial use in Canada (especially in baby ware), it gives one pause in using the product.

If you want to play it safe, here are talc-free alternatives to keep potential toxins away from your little one's bum.

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10 Homemade Solutions

More than likely you have items in your pantry that are moisture absorbing. Why not use it to make your own homemade baby powder? The following foodstuff can be used as a standalone, or mixed together to create a recipe of your choosing. Some of the more exotic items may not be on hand, but are easily available at health food stores. Add essential oils for a delightful scent and aromatherapy benefits. Just be sure to keep the powder in an airtight container for freshness. The only side effect of your homemade mix will be saving dollars!

1. Cornstarch

2. Arrowroot Powder

3. Chickpea Powder

4. Baking soda

5. Oat flour

6. Rice Flour

7. Corn Flour

8. Clay in powdered form (French green, White, or Kaolin)

9. Ground flowers (Calendula blossom, rose petals, lavender buds)

10. Neem herbs

6 Talc-Free Brands

1. Burts Bees Dusting Powder: This cornstarch-based powder is the #1 seller on Amazon in the baby powder category, and #1 on our list too. It's been pediatrician tested and pediatrician approved. It's perfect for sensitive skin and smells like heaven.

2. Honest Company: This powder is free of talc, fragrances, dyes, phtlates, parabens and common allergens. It's certified organic and made with a combination of cornstarch and kaolin clay ensuring dryness. The aloe vera soothes itchy, irritated skin and the arrowroot powder infused with probiotics makes this a natural anti-bacterial.

3. Nature's Baby: This powder is made with highly absorbent tapioca starch that not only absorbs moisture from perspiration, but also oils. Additionally, it contains aloe vera to keep Baby's skin calm and relieves chafing.

4. Natural Powder: This blend contains kaolin clay power, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and delicious lavender and sage. Many customers additionally swear by its use as a dry shampoo and antiperspirant, and what mom doesn't love a product that performs double duty?

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5. California Baby: This mixture of cornstarch, bentonite clay, and kaolin clay ensures dryness in even the flabbiest folds. It has been scented with French lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, making this a great anti-fungal.

6. Johnson & Johnson: This list wouldn't be complete without acknowledging that despite having a lawsuit for talc-based baby powder, this iconic brand does make a talc-free powder. It is made with pure cornstarch, and has been clinically proven to be gentle and a have a mild effect on skin.

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