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22 Moms Describe Their Typical Mom Uniform

Photograph by Twenty20

Some moms are all about style and others are all about comfort, and some of us are lucky enough to fall somewhere in between. Personally, I'm an either or mom. I'm either reasonably pulled together in the fashion department or very much not.

What constitutes my momiform each day usually depends on the day's activities. I have designated home days twice a week where I change from night pajamas to, well, day pajamas (a.k.a. pajamas not soaked in breastmilk.) The other days of the week I aim to pair leggings with well-loved leather boots or Tieks, a cute tunic, and simple jewelry. I've also been mixing in the skinny jeans I splurged on in my postpartum size, so worth it! There are also days where I rock athletic wear like a boss, because let's be honest running after kids is totally a work out!

Photograph by: Gretchen Bossio

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Here's a peek at how a handful of other mamas are rockin' their mom uniform with confidence. Aren't these gals rad? I love their wit and sensible take on dressing for life as a mom!

"I wear jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie, slippers, spit-up, and snot like a boss." - Traci V.

"Ethically made clothing, Toms or The Root Collective flats, and fair trade jewelry from Noonday Collection!" - Aimee B.

Photograph by: Betsy Aimee

"My robe and a nursing tank. But after I shower. I switch to leggings, a cardigan, a t-shirt and top knot." - Naomi N.

"Sweats and sweatshirt at home. Errands is comfy workout pants or leggings with my Uggs and a comfy top/sweatshirt. I am all about comfort!" - Tamara M.

"Depends if I'm working or not. Work mom attire is black pants with shirt or a dress/skirt. Weekend mom is clearly more casual with LuLaRoe leggings and shirt or jeans and a shirt." - Katie M.

"Home is usually a tank, hoodie and yoga pants! Going out I have a favorite pair of jeans that always fit and a somewhat fitted top, usually with a tank under and a sweater/sweatshirt over. All about the layers since my hot and cold seem to vary in a matter of minutes!" - Leila C.

"Jeans. T-shirt. Cardi. Easy on-off flats. And lipstick. Always lipstick." - Lauren H.

Photograph by: Lauren Hartmann

"Skinny jeans, flats or Vans, whatever shirt is clean and doesn't show whatever bra I can find through it, and a cute jacket. Almost always. I need one part of my world to stay sane and non-changing. Summer = dresses with light layers!" - Kelly M.

"LuLaRoe leggings, LuLaRoe Irmas, and Hunter boots. All day everyday." - Christa J.

"Shirts from high school (17+ years ago ) that I wear for PJs. And I never change out of them. Until I shower. Or go to bed and put on a clean one." - Christine S.

"I like to be put together even when I stay home all day with kids. Skinny jeans, a loose top, boots with heels and I always do my makeup. It's one way I can still be 'me' amidst the chaos!" - Paige B.

"I'm just happy if I put 'real clothes' on. Most days I change out of my night time pajamas into daytime pajamas - leggings or lounge pants and a t shirt! But I dress up to go to Costco!" - Jeanette P.

"I'm all about a slouchy tee, my fave jeans with the hole in the crotch (that's when you know you've worn them a million times) and a pair of slip-on Vans." - Denise C.

"Jeans, comfy tee—usually a V-neck because I like the way that style looks on me, and slip-on flats. Earrings. Mascara. Blush." - Kristel A.

Photograph by: Kristel Acevedo

"PJs until my house is clean! And then leggings, a tunic, and boots." - Mary S.

"I'm an either/or mom. Either I'm unshowered in nasty old PJs that don't match or I'm wearing a pair of snug designer jeans, a cute feminine blouse, flashy heels/flats, jewelry and a full face of makeup. There's no in between. It keeps my husband surprised." - Bryanne S.

"My uniform is jeans, a soft long sleeve cotton shirt (usually J Crew or Marine Layer) and either a pair of Frye boots or Toms." - Sunny C.

"I'm nursing, so every outfit is based on easy access. I wear a stretchy 'bra-let' in various colors (they're comfortable and cute, since mine is always peeking out,) under a v-neck or boat neck shirt with yoga pants or very comfortable jeans. And since I almost always have a baby in my arms, the shoes have to be slip on! Yeah, I'm super fashionable." - Amy W.

"My uniform is definitely a pair of comfortable distressed jeans, a slouchy tee or tunic for easy access (#breastfeeding), an oversized cardigan, fedora because who has time to wash their hair, and my trusty booties— they're cute but also comfortable." - Katie R.

Photograph by: Katie Michelle Reyes

"Distressed skinny jeans, super soft tee, Converse and a J. Crew hoodie. I'm married to a musician—I like to pretend it's some sort of rock mom uniform. Really it's just comfy." - Katie H.

"I have always been about comfort before fashion. Long before I was a mom. Since I spend most days at home alone now, I rock the yoga pants, t-shirt, braless look. It's fab. When I do have somewhere to go, I pick comfortable jeans, a bright colored and/or patterned shirt and sandals." - Elizabeth R.

"Pajamas if I'm home. Yoga pants or leggings and a tank/cardi or flowy tee if I'm out. Basically, the closest I can get to pajamas in public." - Dana P.

Where do you fall on the "momiform" spectrum?

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