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Real Moms Share Their Favorite Mom Hacks

There are some things that just make mom life easier. We like to refer to these little lifesavers as "Mom Hacks." Sometimes they're totally obvious, sometimes not, but either way they make us wish we'd thought of it first!

So as a general service to all parents, I asked moms what their favorite hacks are. And all moms know that anything that buys us an extra 10 minutes is priceless. Hopefully some of these actually work for you!

"Babywearing! The only way to have your hands free and get stuff done some days!" – Katie R.

"A bouncer with a mobile above. Baby loves to spend time in there and allows me to actually take a shower." – Megan Q.

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"I create a craft activity for my toddler to work in her high chair on while I cook." – Lynzy C.

"Take advantage of nap time and do your workout then. If naptime doesn't happen that day, I wear my baby while I work out. Squats are way harder with a 15 pound weight on your chest!" – Rosie R.

"Apps. Take advantage of apps. There are tons of great learning apps for kids of all ages. It keeps them entertained for long enough to buy you a much needed break." – Michelle H.

"Throw a bunch of toys in a Pack 'n Play. It keeps them entertained and confined." – Sandy M.

"Sleep in your workout clothes. That way you have one less excuse to not work out and if it doesn't happen that day, at least you still look like you worked out." – Tina F.

Wait until after your baby has fallen asleep to clip their nails.

"I always keep a few granola bars in each diaper bag. As moms, we're always so busy that we forget to feed ourselves. This way, I never go hungry." Lisa B.

"My number one mom hack for sleep—white noise. When we're in the car and the baby won't stop screaming, I turn the radio until I get a static station and it puts her right to sleep. There are also a ton of white noise apps, so you never have to be without it." – Patty M.

"Before I go to bed, I always make sure the diaper bag is restocked, so we're never out of diaper bags, wipes, etc." – Beth W.

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"A sports bra with holes cut out is way cheaper and works just as well as a hands-free pumping bra." – Carissa D.

"Meal prepping is a lifesaver. Every Sunday I meal prep. I make a batch of quinoa, cook chicken and cut up veggies and keep them in the fridge. It makes meal time much less stressful and quicker." – Megan A.

"Wait until after your baby has fallen asleep to clip their nails." – Lucy R.

"Turn on his favorite TV show to make him less squirmy during a haircut." – Katie R.

"Swaddling is a must for us! My baby slept so much better all swaddled up." - Kelly W.

"I bring my baby into the shower with me. It's much quicker and easier than doing them separate. Plus, it guarantees that I get a shower, too!" - Tabitha H.

"If my baby is gassy, I move his legs like he's riding a bicycle. It helps so much! Plus, it bring lots of little giggles. He loves it!" - Eleanor M.

Photograph by: Twenty20

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