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Moms Reveal the Strangest Place They've Ever Breastfed

When I think of the times I've breastfed my babies, I realize that I've done it in some pretty strange places. But let's be clear; when you're a nursing mom, there's no such thing as a strange place when calming a fussy baby.

There were a few instances, however, when I did the deed somewhere that had people scratching their heads and probably asking, Did she just do that?

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For example, while some places come equipped with a breastfeeding lounge inside of a bathroom, there are many that don't have a designated area at all. I've always said that I wouldn't bring my baby into a bathroom to nurse. But as luck would have it, there was a time when I didn't have much of a choice. I remember asking the restaurant manager, where we hosted our son's baptism, if there was a place I could nurse and they said the bathroom.

Normally I'd just breastfeed at the table, but that was virtually impossible that day. The outfit that I wore didn't allow easy access, so I needed to go to the bathroom or face getting undressed at the table.

I did what many other desperate breastfeeding mom would probably do: I nursed while pooping.

The manager showed me to the rarely used restroom where I thought that I'd get some privacy, but within a few short minutes, it seems like the entire restaurant needed to use the toilet.

So as you can imagine, I was practically exposed as ladies entered the restroom. It was a pretty strange circumstance that will probably would go down in history as one of the most regretful mommy moments I ever had. To add to the weirdness, someone asked if I needed help.

But if you thought breastfeeding in a restaurant bathroom seems weird, the time I breastfed on the toilet probably trumps that tenfold.

Imagine being home alone with a screaming newborn and a needy toddler, and having to go to bathroom really bad. I had recently given birth and finally felt the urge to do number two, after being constipated for what seemed like an eternity.

So I did what many other desperate breastfeeding mom would probably do: I nursed while pooping. Some may consider this strange or down right disgusting, but that was the last thing on my mind. I was practically in tears and had no other option at the time and I know that I'm not alone that's ever been in these types of situations.

There are so many women who share similar experiences. In fact, some of our mom.me writers shared the strange places they've breastfed.

Pyramids, toilet and the pool

Self-proclaimed shameless nurser Jennifer Thomé says breastfeeding at the pyramids and pool doesn't strike her as strange at all, but the toilet is probably by far the strangest. "I would never, but when he was a baby I went in at night, then realized I really had to pee. Never in a public bathroom though," she confesses.

At the fair

Carla Wiking says, "I thought I had found a fairly conspicuous spot. A few minutes later I smelled a very strong pot smell. It turned out I wasn't the only one trying to be sneaky."

Ferris wheel

Amy Wruble says she found the experience to be quite relaxing, while her 5-year-old daughter hid behind her, not so sure about the ferris wheel.

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While shopping

Gretchen Bossio didn't hesitate to breastfeed her baby while shopping. Here she is seated on the floor with her little one at a glass wall store in downtown Portland.

Now it's your turn. Where's the strangest place you've ever breastfed?

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