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5 Reasons Spring Babies Rule

Are you anxiously awaiting your spring due date? I've got great news: it's an awesome time to have a baby! Babies are a blessing any time they arrive, but there are definite advantages to giving birth in the spring. There's a reason so many babies in nature are born in the springtime, it's pretty much ideal. Below are just five reasons that spring babies rule!

1. Ideal Weather. Spring has Goldilocks weather, not too hot and not too cold. It's so nice to not have to add bundling up or overheating to your list of new baby worries. Spring makes it easy to get outside and get a little fresh air, which is awesome for Mama and Baby. Plus, a rainy day is extra cozy when you're snuggled up with a newborn.

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2. Low Germ Count. It's great to have a baby without worrying about cold and flu season. It's never a great time to get sick, but it's especially stressful if you've got a newborn. With a spring baby you don't have to be quite as paranoid. It's always important to practicing good hand washing, but you won't need to insist that every visitor bathes in hand sanitizer.

There's no cuter combination than baby rolls and swimsuits.

3. Trimester Timing. It's never fun to be hugely pregnant, but it's especially not fun during the hot summer months. With a spring baby you totally avoid the whole sweaty, grumpy, beached whale feeling that can come with babies born in the summer. Just as the weather starts to warm, you get to stop being pregnant!

4. Stars Are Aligned. Spring babies are either Aires, Taurus, or Gemini, all really cool astrological signs. This one is a little out there, but also fun to consider. You may notice that you have a lot of friends with spring birthdays and they tend to be really fun, awesome people! My Aries baby is a total charmer. My Taurus friends are smart and solid. And the Gemini's in my life are by far and away the coolest and most creative people I know.

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5. Summer Lovin'. There's no cuter combination than baby rolls and swimsuits. Come August you will have a chubby baby ready to splash in a tiny suit and a big floppy hat. Plus, such cuteness ensures that no one will even notice if your postpartum body isn't exactly bikini ready.

Photograph by: Carla Wiking/Instagram

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