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Real Moms Share the One Baby Product They Never Used

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Today's baby product market is completely saturated. You can pretty much buy anything you could possibly think of, made especially for "Baby," but the question is, do you really need these items?

Well, there's no better way to find out the truth than from fellow "been there, done that" moms, and they were more than happy to dish about the one baby product they thought they had to have but ended up never using .

"We used to have this big sterilizer for our bottles, but it was awkward and took up too much space. Plus, we never used it. I just didn't see the point, when it was so much simpler to just boil everything in water, if needed." – Katie R.

"Mine was definitely the bottle warmer! I thought that would be so convenient and literally didn't use it once! It's so funny how overwhelming the feeling of needing so much for that first baby and quickly realizing everyone else's 'must-haves' aren't necessarily going to work out for you!" – Erika K.

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"A wipe warmer. We got rid of that pretty fast. Newborns aren't going to like getting their diaper changed no matter what, and having warm wipes didn't make a difference for us!" – Chelsea L.

"Baby carriers. I bought one right away so I could be a babywearing mama, but our son hated it. So I bought a different one and then borrowed a third one and he still wasn't having it. I'm now the proud owner of some very expensive dust-collecting carriers." – Britt F.

It just took up space in our cupboards, and when we actually had the time to make some baby food—which wasn't very often—we just used our blender

"The playpen. I hadn't really thought about a playpen, one way or another, but I received it as a gift and thought it would come in handy. But I found that when the baby is down on the floor on a blanket, he pretty much stays there and doesn't move too far and doesn't need to be confined until he begins to crawl. But when he begins to crawl he doesn't want to be confined to that tiny little space. Makes for one unhappy baby. Even with three children, I still only used the playpen maybe five times total." – Lucy R.

"Breastfeeding pillow. I found that a throw pillow or an arm on the couch worked just fine and was more convenient for quick feedings." – Kathy O.

"Burp cloths! I always found that I preferred using a cloth diaper or small towel, as they were larger and more absorbent, anyway. Plus, I like a multipurpose item." – Madeline S.

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"We got all of these special baby dishes/food prep/ food storage containers and ended up using our Tupperware/Rubbermaid/Pyrex that we already had. Go figure!" – Julie L.

"The product I thought I had to have was a baby food maker. It just took up space in our cupboards, and when we actually had the time to make some baby food—which wasn't very often—we just used our blender." – Veronica R.

"A nursing cover. I just use whichever baby blanket I happen to have with me, or nurse without a cover—which is really what Baby prefers anyway!" – Cecilia M.

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