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Parents Behind Viral Momo Twins Instagram Share All 

Seems like only yesterday my OB-GYN gasped and said "there are two heartbeats!"

I remember freezing up for a second. Truth be told, the initial shock overwhelmed the happiness. Mixed emotions, to be exact. It wasn't how we had envisioned our parenthood to be—we had expected a singleton pregnancy, meaning that it might still be possible to maintain a good balance between personal fulfillment and being a nurturing parent. With twins, this desired balance would certainly be toppled!

Being pregnant with twins has its fair share of sacrifices—from the extreme bouts of nausea to the extreme weight gain, just getting out of bed was a challenge. And I haven't even mentioned the high risk of cord entanglement that comes with MoMo twins.

If you've never heard the term before, "MoMo" is short for monoamniotic, meaning that identical twins are sharing the same amniotic sacs. As this is an extremely rare pregnancy, there were minimal sources of information where we could learn more to be mentally prepared. The uncertainty left us stressed and worried—especially in the last trimester.

Fast forward 32 weeks, and thanks to God's grace, we now have two beautiful twin daughters. And, as you can imagine, they've changed our lives in so many ways!

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Marriage takes effort each and every day, and effort requires time. With twins, most of our time and energy are focused on parenthood. There are specific pressures to handling two babies at a time that people simply can't understand unless they've been there too. It was natural for us to invest all that we have into being an ideal parent, but in the process, we forget to set aside some time to do what fuels our passion and self-fulfillment. It was shockingly easy to lose the feeling of self-worth while raising tiny humans.

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My husband and I believe in one simple theory: happy parents, happy babies! The lack of self-worth and non-fulfillment often results in resentment—which isn't something we want to feel towards this phase in life. Traveling and exploring has always been our way of life and there's no better way to kill two birds with one stone than to travel with our babies! Now we're able to spend time with our children, do what we enjoy, and share it with the world through our Instagram feed.

We didn't think it was going to be easy. We knew it was going to be challenging and taxing. Our typical spontaneous traveling styles will have to change. More Intensive research and planning will be required before each trip. There will be immense packing and extra suitcases to lug around. But even with all these barriers, traveling with our babies makes the old adventures seem new! They give us a broader perspective, adding a whole new meaning to family travel.

Although the girls will probably not remember a thing at six months of age, we have so many stories and travel pictures to share with them when they get older. That, to us, makes everything all worthwhile.

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Photographs by: Peter Lok

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