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How Been There, Done That Moms Got Their Baby to Sleep

Photograph by Twenty20

Ahh, baby sleep. The thing that we all desperately want to get the hang of, and yet nobody really knows what the hell to do with it. We really are just winging it, all of us. Baby sleep is no science. It's all over the place and it can be the most frustrating and coveted thing in the entire world, especially for new parents!

Well, I'm here today with some of favorite tips and tricks from been there done that moms to try to get in as many hours (or minutes! Hey, we'll take minutes here, too!) of precious sleep. God knows we all could use as much as possible.

"Swaddling is the best. My baby will not sleep without her beloved swaddle. I'm not looking forward to weaning her from it!" – Tiffany F.

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"The five S's are what finally got my baby to sleep. According to Dr. Harvey book, 'The Happiest Baby on the Block,' the way to baby sleep bliss is: swaddle, side or stomach position (while being held, not for sleep), shush, swing, suck. Do a combination of all of these things andBbaby actually sleeps! Well, at least it worked for us!" – Mariah G.

"I am a huge proponent of the pacifier. We have about 200 lying all over our house, and somehow still end up losing them all of the time. Not sure how that's possible, or where they even go. Probably with all of the missing sock pairs." – Michelle H.

White noise has changed our lives! We started it from day one, since it mimics the sound of the womb, which makes total sense.

"White noise has changed our lives! We started it from day one, since it mimics the sound of the womb, which makes total sense. Of course Baby loves it! We never sleep without it—us or the baby!" – Katie R.

"We have a toddler and a newborn, and the newborn sleeps in our room right now. But the toddler is in the nursery, where all of the baby things are. So my tip? Have whatever you'll need for the night in a designated area outside of the nursery, so you aren't stuck when your toddler goes to bed. This has happened a few times, and it's no fun tip-toeing into the nursery trying not to wake your sleeping toddler." – Veronica R.

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"This may not work for all babies, but when our toddler went through a sleep regression and refused to nap, we put him in his crib with his favorite toy, a little musical radio. He was happy and content lying there pushing the buttons until he feel asleep. And it was kind of cute to watch on the monitor, too, not going to lie." – Lucy A.

"Go one size up for nighttime diapers, so that your baby doesn't pee through." – Ashley M.

"Co-sleeping is what works for us. We get to bond by being so close together, and we all get a good night's sleep." - Lily A.

"I feed my baby to sleep. She's happy, I'm happy, and she falls asleep with a full tummy and sleeps through the night at three months old! I'm in no rush to stop any time soon, either. Whatever works, right?" - Katie M.

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