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6 Truly Terrible Ways to Ditch the Baby Weight

Photograph by Twenty20

How many of us have moaned about those last pesky pounds after a baby is born and sworn we'd do ANYTHING to lose them? (Except, of course, exercising regularly and eating healthy foods).

But there are some things that just really aren't worth sliding into that pair of skinny jeans. If you're looking for new diet plans, I highly recommend completely avoiding:

1. The Stomach Flu

Didn't you get enough quality time with your bathroom floor during the first (and maybe second and third) trimesters? It's just too awful to make a full circle by ending your pregnancy the way you started it.

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2. The Coffee-Only Diet

Assuming you don't add a bunch of sugar and cream, that stuff has a whopping TWO calories. That way lies insanity and death.

3. The Cheerio Diet

Suddenly the coffee-only diet seems pretty decent when you compare it to eating Cheerios off a high chair tray. Sometimes, they aren't even FRESH Cheerios, but hey, no judgment here.

4. The Soaked Shirt Diet

There are so many women who swear all they did was breastfeed and all the weight came off (plus a little more too). The next step up is not just producing milk to feed your baby, but also having milk (and therefore weight) pouring through your shirt at all hours of the day, regardless of whether there is a baby there to drink it up or not. You can also lose weight by spending half your life swapping out soaked bras and shirts instead of ever having a chance to eat lunch.

5. The Too Tired to Eat Diet

When I don't have a brand-new baby, it's hard for me to even comprehend being too tired to enjoy a good bowl of ice cream. But then that baby arrives and even the idea of sitting through a meal sounds exhausting. I'd rather take my hungry stomach to bed and deal with a meal later.

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6. Getting Pregnant Again

If you're one of those women who loses weight in the first trimester because you're way too sick to keep anything in your stomach, another pregnancy might be just the ticket to losing that last five pounds. Actually, I'd rather count calories.

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