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The Wonderful World of Teething

Ohhh, teething—that amazing time that lasts for what feels like an eternity. Lately, Noah has been teething like crazy. His hands are always in his mouth and he's constantly slobbering like a Saint Bernard. He's also quite grumpy and clingy, which makes getting work done during the day somewhat impossible. I've been resorting to a lot of late-night work sessions.

When it comes to actual teething remedies that help, I've only found a few. There are so many products on the market aimed to help your baby through teething, and I've tried lots of them only to realize they don't work. Here are some tried-and-true tips that have actually worked for us!

  1. Hylands Teething Tablets: These suckers actually work and they are homeopathic, which makes me feel a lot better about giving them to my little guy. When he seems like he's in pain, I will give him two and he instantly seems to feel better.
  2. Teething Toys: There are so many teething toys out there, but there only a few that Noah actually likes. Everyone has Sophie The Giraffe but Noah didn't like it as much. He preferred the little monkey teether that is half the price of Sophie. Thanks for being so budget-conscious, little buddy!
  3. The Art of Distraction: When Noah seems upset because of teething, keeping him entertained is key. Playing games with him, getting down on the floor and playing with Legos, and carrying him around and showing him different things around the house have all worked wonders during grumpy teething days. Of course, you don't always have time to entertain your little one 24/7, but when you can take their mind off the pain in a fun and natural way, it can help a lot.
  4. Cool Soothing Teethers: These little gems seem to provide a lot of relief for Noah. Either that, or he's just obsessed with sucking on something cool, ha. Whenever I pull one of these out of the fridge, he gets really excited!
  5. Patience and a Glass of Wine: Let's be honest, sometimes it seems like nothing works. Hence, bring on the patience and a glass of wine (for you). Teething is a difficult time, and it seemingly lasts forever. Go easy on yourself. You're doing an amazing job.

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Image via Lee Anne Benjamin

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