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9 Ways Moms Are Super Creepy

Photograph by Twenty20

When you become a mom, you start doing things you never thought you would do. Things that might make you side-eye somebody else for doing. I promise, we don’t do it on purpose, but as moms we are all sorts of creepy. And here’s why…

1. We watch our children sleep. Because we just can’t get enough of them. Even though they drive us crazy when they’re awake, we miss them when they’re asleep. Go figure.

2. We creep around other mom’s cars to check out what car seat they have. And diaper bag. And stroller. And any other baby item that we’ve been debating buying ourselves.

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3. We take photos of our kids doing various weird things that we think must be documented, i.e. sitting on the toilet, eating, playing on the swings, etc. I can only imagine our kids saying to us, “Just let me be, Mom!”

4. Our ideal form of entertainment is watching our child through the video monitor. What did moms do before those things?!

We talk about our uteruses like it’s normal everyday conversation.

5. We watch our kids as they run off to school through our car windows and hope they don’t notice. Do they have friends? What do their parents look like? Can we be friends, too?

6. We notice when another mom has washed her hair, and will probably go so far as to touch it and even smell it. We can’t help it, it’s such a rarity! Plus, we totally appreciate when other moms notice these things.

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7. Whenever we see a cute baby, we blurt out something along the lines of wanting to “eat them up.” Um, where did that even come from? Step away from the baby.

8. We talk about our uteruses like it’s normal everyday conversation. And all sorts of bodily functions that are so not dinner table-appropriate.

9. We love reading other people’s birth stories. The more detail, the better.

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