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Last Names That Are Perfect for Baby's First Name

Photograph by Twenty20

Once upon a time, World War III almost broke out on my home front.

You guessed it … my husband and I needed to name a child. Cue my tears and his foot stomp over my “wild and hippie names that will surely make a laughing stock of our child”! I had high hopes of giving our child a creative, original name. My husband preferred something more traditional and common. We are a match made in heaven, let me tell you.

The good news is, over the years we have figured out how to parent together. And, yes, that means all three of our children managed to be given wonderful names that fit their personalities perfectly.

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I haven’t given up my name game yet, though. I’m constantly on the look out for the perfect baby name… maybe for me, maybe for one of my sister’s future kids, maybe for you! My latest loves are all last names turned first names. They’re classic and usually not difficult to pronounce while maintaining a strong sense of individuality. I specifically love that you can honor a female ancestor’s maiden name by choosing a last name for a baby’s first name.

Here’s a collection of my current favorites:

Anderson - Our one and only Anderson Cooper has been rockin’ this name for quite some time!

Brady - The famous football star, anyone?

Coleman - Simple and strong.

Cavanaugh - A family name from a dear friend and I can’t get over how awesome “Cav” is for a nickname.

Davis - A great alternative to the more common David.

Foster - This and Thatcher were tied as favorites for my middle son’s name!

Harrison - Presidents' names are great baby naming fonder. I love Grant, Lincoln, Truman, Reagan, and Jefferson too.

Jones - On the day of my son’s birth I almost changed his name to Jones AFTER we signed his birth certificate.

Morrison - I’m just waiting for this one to break out as a popular surname first name, it rocks!

Nickleson - He can even choose to go with “Nick” if he doesn’t love being so unique

Price - A friend recently named her son Price and another chose Pruitt, such solid “P” names.

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Ramsey - Anyone else getting out of debt while having a baby? Name your little one after Dave Ramsey!

Smith - So common as a last name it's totally boring, but as a first name? AMAZING!

Shepherd - It’s definitely not common, but I do know two little boys with this name and it totally fits them.

My best advice though? Sit down with your oldest relative and quiz them on your family’s genealogy. There are gems hidden in your personal history that would not only make unique, but meaningful names.

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