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Products Moms Won’t Leave Behind When Traveling With Baby

Traveling with a baby is not for the faint of heart. Think of any trips you took before you had kids, and multiply everything by about 30, and you’ll understand. It’s that much harder. It’s that much more challenging. It’s that much more exhausting, but also, miraculously (and thankfully!) that much more rewarding and memorable. Because seeing a new place is incredible, but seeing it through the eyes of your children is priceless.

Today I’ve asked moms to share the products that they won't leave behind when traveling with a baby—products to make it a little easier and a lot more fun. Here’s what they said.

“A backpack diaper bag is my favorite baby item that I own. Being hands-free is so important to me, and this allows me to have everything I need with me, and move around freely too! This was especially handy getting through security at the airport!” – Camille B.

“The iPad is clutch for a toddler while traveling. It keeps him entertained and quiet during a long flight or drive!” – Dana A.

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“Our Dock-A-Tot! My baby sleeps so well in it, every night and for every nap, so it goes wherever we go. I love that we can travel easily with it, as it isn’t too big, and she never knows the difference since she gets to sleep in her bed wherever we are!” – Katie R.

Stroller. It's essential to get anywhere and do anything with our rambunctious toddler! We love our umbrella stroller as it’s nice and compact and easy to travel with.” – Michelle H.

Food pouches. These may not be a staple in our pantry, but they are a lifesaver when traveling! An easy and quick meal on-the-go, for whenever our little one gets hangry.” – Ellen O.

Breast pump. Even if you aren’t planning on pumping, you never know when you might need some relief. I love my single manual pump for travel—it’s compact and I can use it anywhere!” – Kate N.

Only to be used in emergencies, a brand-spanking new toy is sure to distract your little one long enough for you to regain your own composure.

“A blanket that I’m not afraid to get messy. I live for impromptu explorations, and to me that’s what traveling is all about! I always make sure to bring a blanket that I’m not too attached to along with us, in case we need to have a picnic in the park or run through the fountains or whatever it is (even just changing a diaper!). A blanket always comes in handy!” – Melissa M.

“My wrap! Being hands-free (especially with a baby and a toddler) is key in everyday life and while traveling! I can wear my baby in the wrap so she’s comfortable and in her happy place, and then run around and explore the town with my toddler and husband. It makes life so much easier and happier for everyone!” – Katie R.

Headphones are a must! This way our toddler can watch a movie on the laptop and be in her own little world for a bit!” – Samantha M.

“No-spill sippy cups are so great for travel! Because the less mess, the better, right?” – Laura W.

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Baby wipes. I literally use them for everything, all the time.” – Whitney C.

Pacifier clips! Just clip the pacifier to your baby and voila! You don’t have to worry about losing the pacifier (the horror!) or getting it dirty by falling on the floor. These things are life savers!” – Stephanie F.

Puppy pads. I’m not joking. Use them as disposable diaper changing pads for when you find yourself in a disgusting bathroom. My best kept secret!” – Sam H.

“A brand new, never-before-seen toy. Only to be used in emergencies, a brand-spanking new toy is sure to distract your little one long enough for you to regain your own composure.” – Olivia S.

Corkscrew. For once the babies are finally asleep!” – Veronica R.

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Photograph by: Katie Michelle Reyes

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