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It's Not Just the Newborn Days, It's a Babymoon

Photograph by Twenty20

When you hear the term "babymoon," what do you think of? A trip that you and your partner take before your baby is born? One last childfree fling? While that's a terrific idea, I have another definition of the term babymoon—those few, precious, fleeting weeks after your baby is born, and how you spend that time.

Everyone gets a babymoon, but not everyone spends this time in the same way. Not everyone is a first-time mom, for example, who has the luxury of building a Mom Nest and not budging from it for two weeks. Not everyone has a bunch of time off work, or someone to cook meals for her, or the money for Chinese food delivery. But there are a few ways to embrace those short-lived moments when your child is fresh and new and you're getting to know one another.

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Make a nest

OK, I realize that I already said not every mom can build a Mom Nest and stay there for a few weeks, but that doesn't mean that you can't create a special space where you can relax with your brand new babe. This can be in your bedroom or a comfy couch, but in either case, you'll want to have a few pillows handy (to help you relax as well as for breastfeeding purposes) and definitely a blanket, because those first few days post-birth can be a hormonal, sweaty, freezing nightmare (and not necessarily in that order.)

If this is your first child, you may not know that these moments will pass in a flash and disappear into the abyss of early mom-hood.

Gather your necessities

Near your nest, have some of the following necessities, such as a water bottle, tissues, phone/tablet charger, remote control and a few diapers and wipes so you don't have to haul your carcass up every time your baby poops (oh, and don't forget a bag for disposal so you don't have to look at the diapers all day.) Also, extra baby clothes, because your baby is totally going to poop on his outfit before the day is done. And non-perishable snacks! Don't forget to eat!

Put a "No Visitors" sign up

Visitors are lovely, but in those first few days, make sure that you either say "No" when people ask if they can visit, or select an alternate date a few weeks in the future. When you have visitors, you might be inclined to clean up or worry about entertaining them, which can be a huge hassle as well as a strain on your postpartum bod. Also, it can take some time figuring out that whole breastfeeding thing (if you're going that route) and toting your brand new mom boobs in and out of your bra or nightgown may not be your top priority if your father-in-law or neighbors are around.

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Accept offers of help

Yes, I know I just said that visitors can be a real drag, but if someone offers to make you or your family dinner, accept! If someone offers to come clean up your garbage dump of a house, graciously say yes! If someone offers to take your older kids out for the day so you can actually relax without dealing with your toddler pooping on the floor or your preschooler climbing on the counter, shout PLEASE DO!

Enjoy those moments

If this is your first child, you may not know that these moments will pass in a flash and disappear into the abyss of early mom-hood. If this isn't your first child, you know that already, but these early days seem to disappear even faster with each subsequent kid. Take pics, post them to your social media accounts, and bathe the world with your new baby. Next year, when your Timehop pops these pics back up, you'll be transported back to these early, tender times, and it's absolutely priceless.

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