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These 14 Inspirational Baby Quotes Are Funny as Hell

Photograph by Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive

It's hard being a kid. Sustaining that temper tantrum takes work and more than that, it takes some inspiration. Here is a list of some inspiring quotations for babies and toddlers to help them stay them—the tiny little dictators who poop on people.

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You miss 100 percent of the poops you don't take.

A dropped toy is always stepped on.

A mom and her phone are soon parted.

A moldy cup of milk always turns up.

Always want the thing you want, until the moment you get it.

Start screaming for the cake, even if you don't get it, you will probably get a cookie.

A baby is known by the poops she makes.

You cannot pick your parents, but you can pick your parents nose.

Your mom's lap is your castle.

A poop on a parent is worth two in the diaper.

A well-rested mom means a lazy baby.

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A scream in time means, well what the hell, scream nine times more.

A temper tantrum worth having is worth having well.

You know what they say, a happy baby gets a sibling.

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