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Car Nap Stories We All Can Relate To

Young boy sleeping in the car
Photograph by Getty Images

Ah, the dreaded car nap. Sometimes we love them, but usually we hate them. Because, really, sleep in general is never a bad thing, but those car naps can definitely throw a wrench in the schedule. Especially when the nap is too short, or goes into the 5 p.m. hour. Oh the horror!

But it happens to the best of us, so we might as well laugh at each other's stories, right?

"My kid, without fail, always falls asleep in the car! It’s like his car seat has magic sleep dust. This can be a good thing, but also a very bad thing! I have spent many hours just sitting in the car, scrolling my Instagram feed and waiting for my little one to wake up!" – Brittany F.

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"The other day, we were driving home from running errands and my son fell asleep in his car seat. I was starving and really needed to eat something, so naturally I took a detour to the McDonald’s drive-thru. I parked in my driveway, eating fries in the car until he woke up. Never wake a sleeping baby, right?" – Taylor M.

"Ahead of a long ride home, I set my toddler up with a game on his tablet. My four-month-old was happily looking at herself in the mirror and eventually fell asleep. Wouldn’t you know it, not 10 seconds later, my toddler decides he’s done with the tablet and tosses it over to the side—landing directly on my baby and waking her up." – Sarah P.

Right when we turned onto our street, he fell asleep. OF COURSE.

"We drove around for two hours trying to get our baby to fall asleep. He was wailing the entire time, and there was no end in sight. Right when we turned onto our street, he fell asleep. OF COURSE." – Katie R.

"I literally drove in the same direction for 20 minutes so as to not have to turn, because every time I turned, the sun would shine through the window in my kid's face and wake her up. That was a really boring car ride." - Karla R.

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"We were headed to a fun storytime event that was way out of our way, but hey the things we do for our kids, right? Two minutes from our destination, I look back and he's out cold. We missed the entire storytime." - Brittany Z.

"Every time we drive home from the park, my toddler falls asleep. The problem is, the drive is only five minutes, and then he refuses to nap the rest of the day. By the time dinner rolls around, everybody's cranky." - Emily N.

"Lately, the only place my little monster will sleep for more than half an hour is in his car seat. So, I make a sandwich and head to the car. He naps, I eat my lunch. At least I have my smartphone." - Amanda S.

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