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These 18 Baby Items Are Gifts That Just Keep on Giving

Photograph by Getty Images/Cultura RF

When my oldest son was a baby, I remember thinking that no way could one little human being need so much stuff. The great thing is, most of the stuff got used until they were worn—some were even replaced two or three times before he and his brother were old enough to no longer need it.

Though my kids are 6 and 4 now, there are still a lot of baby things around my house. The high chair still gets used when friends bring their babies over, the burp cloths are great for polishing furniture, the baby cereal bowls make great snack cups. Sure, some of these things stay around out of a sense of nostalgia for those baby days, but why buy something new when something old works just as well?

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I asked some moms to tell me what baby items they’ve kept and how they’ve repurposed them.

Baby wipes are great for cleaning up when painting, when cooking, at picnics, at the beach, after being in the barn with the horses, after yoga. I don’t know why I never thought of them before kids!” — Delilah

Diaper bags make the best travel bags. Whether it’s a long trip or just a short jaunt to the coffee shop. I still use one for a computer bag. There are hand dandy little caddies for all of my cords or whatnot.” — Saranna

Tonka trucks make excellent furniture movers. My husband tried them and they became a quick ‘go to’ for years.” — Carolyn

“I used my co-sleeper as a nightstand and a diaper holder. My cat also slept in it.” — Eve

Long-handled baby food spoons are great for getting to the bottom of applesauce and spaghetti jars.” — Samantha

“I use the lid of the baby bottle microwave sterilizer as a cover when I microwave food.” — Julie

“I took the huge stack of receiving blankets I had, sewed them together in mismatched pairs and made eight pillows for my daughter’s bed.” — Joanne

“The plastic toy rings that clip together come in handy for hanging things from a backpack or shelf.” — Tina

“I used my waterproof/spill-proof diaper bag as a swim bag for about eight years!” — Kelly

“I use the Boppy as a snack plate holder in bed.” — Sarah

“My daughter uses her infant onesies as baby clothes for her dolls and stuffed animals.” — Taylor

“I discovered disinfecting breast pump wipes get permanent marker off a white board. Saved my boss that day.” — Krista

“Those magnetic letters for the fridge make great gift tags. Just tie them to the package, using either the first initial or spelling out the recipient’s name.” — Mary

“My son loves his baby blankets, but none of them are big enough to be a proper blanket. So we took several, sewed them together and made a full-sized blanket for his bed.” — Lynn

Baby bottles and baby food jars are great for storing small craft items like buttons and beads.” — Rachel

“I thought the black microfiber Vera Bradley diaper bag I was given as a shower gift was a ridiculous waste of money on something that was going to contain pee, poop and vomit. But it was so durable that it stood up to two babies and is now my carry-on. It has pockets for water bottles, a waterproof liner inside and all those great mesh pockets! Plus the side pocket is the perfect size for my iPad mini.” — Alexis

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“Old, soft cloth diapers are great for cleaning mirrors, windows, pretty much any kind of glass. No streaks.” — Kathy

“A changing table was repurposed as a plant potting bench. The worn baby blanket passed on to a pet bed. The diaper bucket became a trash basket.” — Paula

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