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A 60-Year-Old Woman Just Had a Baby, What Was She Thinking?!

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In Israel, a 60-year-old woman became a first-time mom recently, having given birth to a small, yet healthy, baby girl. While the treasured child arrived safely, doctors reported that the new mother didn't have a smooth labor. The mom had suffered from toxemia prior to the birth, and during her C-section, doctors discovered a malignant tumor in her uterus they were able to successfully remove.

The mom, who wishes to remain anonymous, expressed gratitude for her caregivers and very joyfully recounted seeing her cherished baby girl for the first time. For someone who finally became a mom when she was 60, that moment must have been special indeed.

But let's be real—I'm sure as shit glad that I'm not the one who's 60 and just had a baby.

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If I were to somehow get pregnant in 18 years, I'd probably just basically die. That would mean I'd be around 78 when he or she graduated from high school, and who knows what shape I'll be in by then. I already feel a little frazzled thinking about my first grader graduating in the future, and I'll still be relatively young.

But let's be real—I'm sure as shit glad that I'm not the one who's 60 and just had a baby.

I have four kids, and have certainly done my share of childbearing over many years. My first baby was born when I was 21, and my last baby was born when I was 35. My first kid graduated when I was 39, and my last kid will graduate when I'm 53. That's a huge range of kids and my house is certainly full of love. It's been full for a long time, and will continue to be full for a long time.

I had my last baby at 35 and it was way different physically than my first pregnancy at age 21. I felt like crap from the get-go and only became slower and more riddled with pain the further along I got. I was hospitalized for heart issues midway and basically felt like garbage the whole time. I somehow managed to completely escape morning sickness that fourth time, but my body definitely decided to punish me in lots of special other ways instead.

So, yes, my life has been completely different from this woman who didn't have a baby until her seventh decade of life. She doesn't have the stretched out uterine ligaments I have, and probably didn't have a need to set up her office at work so she could reach everything via a wheeled chair like I had to towards the end. Having a baby was probably a really important goal for her to have, and if I'd never had a baby, I might feel differently and have been super ready to have a baby at age 60.

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So mad props to this mama. She's a true hero. She fulfilled what was likely a lifelong dream, and I'm super happy for her.

There are people who will judge this lady for having a baby in what may be considered to be her elder years. They may be concerned that she won't be a good mom, or that she's selfish for putting her needs and desires before that of her baby, who may lose a parent at a relatively young age. But we don't know her situation, what her family is like, and what type of a support system she has.

So instead of judging this happy new mom let's just say a word of thanks or two that it's not your 60-year-old bod that just had a baby.

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