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7 Things I Will Absolutely Not Miss About These Days

Photograph by Katie Michelle Reyes

These are the days. I know this to be true. I’m reminded of it daily. My little ones are still babies, they rely on me for everything, they give me kisses and love me more than anyone else. And I love it, I do. And I know how blessed I am and just how wonderful this life is. So when people tell me to enjoy every moment, I smile and nod and say, I’m trying!

But the truth is that it’s impossible to enjoy every single moment. Sure, I can enjoy the a lot of it, but there are also lots moments as the caretaker of two very young children that makes me want to lose my mind. And today I want to talk about those moments. And if you find yourself nodding in agreement, just know you're not alone. Some things are simply not to be enjoyed and I won't miss them one bit when they're gone. Not even a little.


1. Tantrums in the grocery store.

When you have a baby in your arms and a screaming toddler at your feet, knocking things off shelves or just lying there on the nasty grocery store floor, wailing away and refusing to get up, and you find yourself pleading with this tiny, completely irrational person and promising them candy or stickers or whatever the hell they like these days if they will just SHUT UP. You don’t use those words of course, but you really wish you could. And the looks from complete strangers, the judgment, the eyes baring into your soul, as you wish you could shrivel up and disappear. Or even just lie down on the floor with your toddler and maybe become invisible? Yeah. Won’t miss those.

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2. Refusal to eat.

You know, when you make your toddlers very favorite meal especially for them because they won't eat what you made for yourself, only to have said meal (remember, this was their favorite meal ever!) pushed away with a stiff arm and tight lips. And then they refuse to eat anything nutritional whatsoever and you’re stuck begging them to eat some Cheetos, because you don’t care what they eat, just PLEASE eat something! Mealtimes have officially become a war zone, with pieces of food flying through the air like shrapnel. You can have that, too.

3. Getting everyone ready and out the door on time for once, only to have a blow out as soon as you put your baby into her car seat.

Then having to take her out and start the whole “getting ready” process all over again.

4. The feeling of absolute, pure exhaustion from not sleeping a wink and then having to be "on" all day with a newborn and a toddler.

I’ve come to accept it, but it’s still hard sometimes, OK? I like my nice things!

5. Doing approximately 25 loads of laundry a week.

And once I think it’s done, there’s more. It’s never done. Period.

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6. We cannot have nice things.

This stage we’re in right now does not allow for nice things. The mirror will always have smudges and tiny fingerprints on it, my new beautiful white faux fur rug has to be kept in storage, away from juice boxes and snacks, our coffee table was too much of a hazard, so it’s permanently in the guest room closet until our kids are grown. I’ve come to accept it, but it’s still hard sometimes, OK? I like my nice things!

7. Enjoying a lovely drive in the car, with screaming kids in the back seat.

Miles upon miles of blood-curdling screams. Not stressful at all.

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