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10 Things I Didn't Screw Up While Parenting This Year

Photograph by Twenty20

As far as sleep, a good diet and everything else? Well, let’s just say I’m grateful for the things I DIDN'T mess up this year. Here are 10 of some of my proudest achievements:

1. My business goals

Working parenthood comes with challenges that mean you not only have to keep your household together, but you HAVE to keep your workflow together, too. I’ve come to find out that sooooo many professionals don’t care if you’ve got smaller children with crazy sleep schedules. Work has to get done. Period. It has been anything but easy, but I am happy to announce that I managed to keep my clients happy this year.

2. The house stayed standing

Clean? Not really. But did it crumble to the ground the way I thought it would? It did not. Yes, there are toddler scribbles on the bedroom wall, and I can’t even remember the last time I mopped (without a baby wipe), but the kids didn’t bring the house down. #grateful

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3. My marriage

I should not have assumed it, but man, ignorance is bliss when you are kid-free and married. No one tells you how you might hate your husband for breathing the wrong way when you’re pregnant. Or how his inability to pick up his freaking socks might send you over the proverbial edge. I’m just grateful that my postpartum craziness didn’t drive my husband away and that we still actually like each other.

4. My self-care

Who took a solo trip to an island this year? I did! Who made her mental health a priority? I did! Who hired babysitters and housekeepers to make her life a bit less stressful? That was me. It’s so incredibly hard as a woman and mother to make ourselves a priority, and I’m glad I didn’t screw myself up this year.

Yeah, it’s vain, but shoot, girl. Mama has to continue to look good, even though she’s only had a few hours of sleep at night.

5. Friendships

Maybe it’s because I’ve become a bit more accepting of the fact that friendships as a mother come with very unique challenges. But I’m in such a good place with the girls in my circle. Everyone is incredibly supportive and helpful, and also understanding when I go ghost for a few days. It’s about time I find and keep friends that are actually good for me.

6. The kids

Praise the Lord! I don’t know how we didn’t manage to screw them up, but we didn’t. These children of ours drive us wacky but, each night, they make it to a comfortable bed and wake up to meals. They’re happy children who, I think, have all that they need. They’re far from perfect, but they’re ours and I think we’ll keep them.

7. My finances

Do the husband and I need to be on a better budget? Yes. Could we have saved a lot more and spent a lot less this year? Definitely. But one of the benefits of having more than one child is that you’re well aware of what you DON’T need. This time around, I didn’t go into debt buying random baby items at 3 a.m. Sorry, Amazon. You didn’t screw me up this year.

8. Their diets

Okay, I really don’t want to come off as a super judgmental mom. The fact is this, though, it’s really easy to feed your kids junk. Junk is accessible and doesn’t require that much time to put together. Quality meals, though? I don’t care how much you love Pinterest, they aren’t that easy to put together regularly. I am glad to say that my children had more quality meals than junk this year. I'm filing that in the #balance category.

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9. My parents' opinion of me

I know it shouldn’t matter but, to me, it does. Even at 31, I still want my parents to be proud of me. This year alone, I’ve gotten so much love and support from them. Dare I say it? Why not. They’re proud of the parent that I’ve become. *sniff sniff*

10. My looks

Yeah, it’s vain, but shoot, girl. Mama has to continue to look good, even though she’s only had a few hours of sleep at night. I never quite got back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I’m in clothes that I find comfortable. Even better: I can rock a contoured cheek and red lip like all of the beauty vlogging girls on YouTube.

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