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Teenage Babysitter's Babywearing Hack Goes Viral

When Claudia Sorhaindo had to run a quick errand, she asked her 15-year-old niece, J'Ann, if she could look after her two-month-old baby girl, Ava. A little while later, she received the following pics via text:

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As it turns out, J'Ann is an incredible babysitter. She told her aunt that she wanted to make a sandwich, but didn't want to let little Ava out of her sight. So she improvised and stuck the tiny tot in her shorts so she'd be with her the entire time, resulting in these priceless photos.

This is truly a case of necessity being the mother of invention.

Claudia tells mom.me, "I was just finishing up with an appointment with my realtor. I was dying with laughter when I saw the pictures!"

As it turns out the entire internet is dying of laughter too as this life-hacking babywearing babysitter has gone viral after Claudia posted the pictures on Facebook—the photos have been shared over a quarter of a million times as of this writing.

While sticking a baby in your shorts may not sound like the first thing that would pop in your mind while babysitting, this getup is kind of brilliant. The baby is too young to hold herself upright so the waistband holds her close to her cousin around her chest, ensuring she's not in danger of falling out. She rests safely with one leg through the left and one leg through the right—again, ensuring she'll stay put. The fabric is soft and gentle, while holding her firmly in place, much like a baby wrap.

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This is truly a case of necessity being the mother of invention. J'Ann needed both hands to make herself lunch and used some creativity to come up with a safe and comfortable solution for herself and the baby girl. Ava likely felt safe and cared for, and J'Ann got her sandwich while keeping the little girl with her.

Now that's what I call the ultimate mom hack.

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