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Just When You Think You’ve Earned Your Parenting Superhero Cape...

Photograph by Twenty20

Change is the name of the game. Changing diapers, changing sleep schedules, changing poop color—there's no aspect about being a new parent that stays the same for very long. And that’s exactly the way it should be.

If you’ve never done it before, parenting a newborn is the craziest time of all! It doesn’t help that you’re still chock full of pregnancy hormones and that baby doesn’t yet understand clear instructions like: ‘GO TO SLEEP!’ Just as you get used to some aspect of your baby’s behavior, or get into a routine of sorts, they’ll go and change it on you. THAT is a reality that you can count on.

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Photograph by Alison Wong

As the months go by, you will learn to expect those changes and start to take delight in little extravagances like a cup of coffee that you actually get to drink while it’s hot or an uninterrupted shower. But those are just the bonus features of your new life as Mom. The real value is in the development of your parenting superpowers, which maybe you didn’t know about, but are in fact, evolving faster than you can say "Where are all the pacifiers?"

"Like what," you may ask.

Like no longer caring that your outfit du jour is composed of sweatpants with an unidentified brown smear on the side, a shirt with old spit-up marks and the classic messy mom bun. There are other things to worry about than whether your shoes match your shirt, right?

Like developing superpower hearing so that you know your baby is going to start crying long before the monitor picks it up because you can tell from the way they are fussing around in their crib that an epic wail is about to launch. Who needs a monitor when you're already sleeping with one eye and both ears open?

Photograph by Alison Wong

Like mastering the midnight diaper change in record time, including getting all the snaps done up in the pitch dark, so that Baby goes back to sleep and you can finally get a few hours of rest yourself. Albeit with the aforementioned one eye and both ears open!

Like becoming a stealth ninja who can exit sleeping baby’s room while holding in your pee AND the sneeze that you feel coming on AND avoiding every squeaky floorboard, in the process. Bonus points if you make it to the bathroom in time!

Like holding your baby, who has decided that crying is the latest and greatest Olympic endurance sport, all the while managing to prepare dinner for your family AND answer your older child’s questions about where babies come from. All without losing your mind!

Photograph by Alison Wong

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It’s all of these superpowers and more that make you the great parent that you are. And in those inevitable moments of exhaustion, you might forget about your powers and your cape. Take a second to remind yourself: look upon the messy clothes and cold coffee cups not as failures but as badges of honor. You’re raising a human, after all, and while the rules will change almost daily, and more moments of exhaustion will definitely come, remember this: You are rocking this parenting gig!

Photograph by Alison Wong

Alison Wong is a mom and author of New Mom Comics, the must have handbook for new moms that offers a hilarious point of view on the every day realities of parenting. For more information visit http://newmomcomics.com.

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