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Designer Moms Emily and Meritt Launch New Line for Pottery Barn Kids

Photograph by Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

Designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, self-described best friends and creative comrades, have a new project under their stylish belts, and moms everywhere will want to take a look.

Partnering with Pottery Barn Kids on an exclusive collection that launches online today and in stores on March 16, the busy moms have once again created a whimsical line that features everything from sleepy lions to little bandit masks and scattered stars.

Emily and Meritt, who have five children between them, chatted with Mom.me at their launch party in Beverly Hills on March 11 and talked about everything from inspiration to girl power.

How did you connect with Pottery Barn Kids for your new collection?

Meritt: We've been working with the Pottery Barn brands for several years and felt that we had something to bring to the Pottery Barn Kids world—things that felt magical, a little touch of nostalgia and vintage. And as we became moms of young children ourselves, we got really excited to decorate and design our own spaces. I think the feeling was mutual, and we all put our heads together and came up with things we felt really spoke to everything that we love.

Emily: And up until this point, we'd done a lot of teen rooms and some nurseries, but this is our first kids' collection, which is so close to home for us because we both have 3-year-olds. It was really exciting for us to try to create spaces that provoked imaginative play and that were really universal in how they would work in homes. And we've learned as parents—and what we didn't realize before—is that the kids' stuff really takes over your whole house, so you have to love it and it has to work with the rest of your house.

Photograph by Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

What's your advice for moms who would like to launch their own business or move in the direction of design?

Meritt: I think the greatest advice is: We're women that do a lot of things. Just figure out what is missing in the world, because when you really are in the trenches, you figure it out, whether it's decor or something functional, you know? Just be committed, surround yourself with supportive and creative people, and be fearless.

Emily: Moms are the best in terms of time management. I think being a mom, and all of your skill sets as a mom, you can apply to your business life, as well.

As successful women, how are you teaching your kids about girl power?

Meritt: Women need to support other women. That's what we teach, and we are able to work with other really smart, powerful women, and we celebrate each other's strengths. We talk about that all the time at home, and we make sure that our daughters see that and understand how important that is in the world.

Emily: Our daughters are only six weeks apart, and so they're basically sisters. But between them, and when negotiating things, we've really helped to explain, "We have to be kind to each other. You have to support each other." I think we see that as adults, too. [Meritt and I] have worked together now for almost 20 years, and we've been able to support each other.

Photograph by Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

Was there anything that surprised you while you were creating your line for Pottery Barn Kids?

Meritt: More than ever, people love to shop for their homes and change their bedding as much as they do their jeans, so that became an exciting part for us.

Do your kids have a favorite item from the collection?

Emily: My daughter's obsessed with the sleepy lion, but some of this stuff hasn't made it into our house yet. When it does, there will be some new favorites.

Meritt: I've been asked about the tepee. "When can that come home, and can I sleep in it?"

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