Taking the Shame out of Motherhood

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So we all know that with motherhood comes change, and it's a big enough transformation to make you stand in the mirror and wonder if you've landed in an alternate universe. While I try to remain cool about it all, I can't help but notice that it's all an act. I'm a different woman, now and forever more, so I need to make peace with the day my vagina opened up and rocked my world.

I hereby declare that I am no longer ashamed of:

1. That squishy part of my belly.

It looks like a deflated soufflé, but as far as I know it's not going anywhere no matter how much I exercise. So I may as well make peace with it. I declared peace with my body, and wore a bikini in public.

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2. My daily nap requirement.

I'm tired. I have to take a nap for an hour or so. I can't help it. I'm not old, I'm just very busy and I ... forget it. I am not ashamed anymore.

Life happens. I no longer regret this.

3. My annoyance/jealousy of married couples.

I'm a single parent and you're not, and it irks my nerves to think about the fact that you made a better decision in choosing a romantic partner than I did.

4. My NON-desire to have more kids.

My two sons are awesome. I'll quit while I'm ahead. I don't need anymore kids and I'm good. Thank you.

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5. Having my sons at a young age, without being married.

Life happens. I no longer regret this. I have handled things by myself for many years. I have proven that there is no such thing as permanent failure just because things don’t go as planned. I am a single MILF and I'm good at it.

What are you ashamed of now that you're a mom? It's time to let them go in comments.

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