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The One Sleep Trick Every Pro Mom Knows

Those first few days of a new baby's life are so sweet—filled with loads of cuddling, bonding and getting used to the new routine of feeding, changing, sleeping...oh? Is the sleeping not going so well?

There's a funny saying out there: 'Sleep like a baby' that, to new parents, isn't so funny when they realize that babies generally don't sleep all that well. Suddenly days and nights are a blur and as what is left in the wake of those sleepless nights are exhausted moms that will do anything to get their baby to sleep.

But wait! It doesn't have to be that way though. You can make a mother's day by gifting her something that may (at least temporarily) usurp any four-legged friends in the house. This new #Momsbestfriend will help soothe her baby and help babies stay in the sleep zone longer—giving mom a much needed break. WavHello's SoundBub comes as three, adorable fabric-covered characters and utilizes white and ambient noise, music, and a voice-share app that you can use directly from your phone. They are little and they travel which means you can deliver the same soothing sounds whether you are at home or on-the-go.

The gift of slumber for both mom and baby? Priceless.

Want to see what some of our favorite mom bloggers thought when they tried it out for themselves? See below.

From Rachel Burgess: “My three-year-old daughter absolutely loves when we record personal messages for her to listen to before bed [through SoundBub]. We watch her big smile on the baby monitor as she hears me and my husband each say we love her. She usually will put her thumb in her mouth right after that (which means she will be asleep within a minute or two!). We love it!”

From Jackie Houston: "While my husband travels for weeks at a time for work, he's still been able to connect with our kids by sharing special messages, songs, and even joining in for story time by sharing short stories recorded on our SoundBub. Using the VoiceShare app with our SoundBub has been a lifesaver for our family! "

From Jessica Fay: “When my husband is traveling for work - anywhere from Japan, to Italy to somewhere else in the states. We love that our boys can always hear daddy’s voice through our SoundBub and feel his comfort no matter how far he is.”

Our favorite aspects of these little soothing SoundBub friends named Bella the Bunny, Benji the Bear and Ollie the Owl?

  • WavHello’s SoundBub® is a portable. Aka you can take it anywhere—on a walk, on a plane or to the beach!
  • Anyone you love can record messages or songs for your little one and each other so even Grandma and Grandpa can get in on the action and connect with their grandchild.
  • It comes preloaded with two white noise tracks (plus more you can download on the app), timing options including 30, 60 and 90 minute timers or continuous play.
  • It's made of chew-safe materials, the handle doubles as a stand or can clip to a stroller or car seat.

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