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Breast Milk Jewelry Actually Exists

Image via Etsy

I'll admit it, I can be sentimental. I can't part with the pumpkin sweatsuit costume all three of my kids wore when they were 2 years old. Somewhere in a desk are three envelopes holding the wispy fine baby hairs chopped off at first haircuts. Looking over baby pictures makes me swoon just a little.

But my sentimentality has its limits; I draw the line at bodily fluids. Luckily, you don't have to.

One skilled artisan over at Etsy's Mommy Milk Creations can preserve your hard-pumped breast milk into baubles for bracelets or a locket pendant to wear around your neck. Just pick your favorite of the 29 different shapes—a dove, heart, star, shamrock, fish, a variety of flowers or tiny hand-/footprints—and then what color you'd like the resined lactate embedded in. Your kids' names—those who may have suckled for these drops—are etched below the milk for a final flourish et voila! Ew.

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Prices vary depending on the shape and setting you want, but they appear to start around $60 with some costing more than $100. Can't quite put a dollar amount on the reactions of others when the wearer of this jewelry explains the composition.

Why encapsulate breast milk for all eternity ... and wear it?

The maker of these pieces, Allicia Mogavero, is emphatic about how her special process guarantees the milk won't turn yellow, ever ever ever. OK, we believe you. What I'd like a little more info on, however, is why. Why encapsulate breast milk for all eternity ... and wear it? Yes, I nursed my kids. Loved it, cherished it, have fond memories remembering it. But I have fond memories of lots of things related to babies and, for sanitary/gag reflex reasons, I've never been inclined to mold shapes from physical manifestations of these memories and, you know, wear them.

But it looks like I'm the weird one. Because according to the U.K. Daily Mail, the Rhode Island mom making these milk-filled pendants can't even keep up with the orders. People are placing orders and sending in the required two tablespoons of expressed milk in a zip-top bag faster than Mogavero can pump these things out.

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Even more curious is that Mogavero doesn't have a corner on the bronzed breast milk market—there are others, including MilkMomBaby who will sell you a kit for making your own breast milk keepsake. DIY OMG!

I'm trying to keep an open mind on this. Mogavero explains that making these memories keeps her close to breast milk, which was such a big part of her mothering life. I get that. (The feeling. Still not there with mailing of milk baggies.) But if we start getting sentimental about baby's first diaper change or the little one's first head cold—I'm walking out.

Photo via Mommy Milk Creations

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