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'I Told My Toddler to Suck it Up'

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Welcome to another edition of 7 Parenting Mistakes I Made This Week. Let's hear from mom to toddler, and mom-to-be, Lyz Lenz! It's been a rough week in the Lenz household. Maybe you can relate?

1. I put my toddler's shoes on the wrong feet and didn't notice for an hour

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2. Two words: chicken nuggets

3. I'm pretty sure that on Wednesday, I had two Cokes, which pushed me over the recommended guidelines for caffeine in pregnant women. I can't really recall because I was so 'effing tired.

4. My toddler tripped and fell and began to cry. Since this happens a lot, I said, "You're fine, suck it up," and made her walk to the car. Turns out, she was bleeding from the kneecap.

5. So, I have this rule about no screen time except on the weekends. Yeah, that rule was violated so often this week, I think it might actually press charges.

6. Two more words: Panchero’s burrito.

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7. We listened to the non-radio edit Nicki Minaj and we LIKED IT!

What was your biggest uh-oh parenting moment this week? Tell us in comments. We'll sympathize.

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